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   Providence, RI: Brown: the name is so unassuming, arguably boring. Didn't your mother ever tell you never judge a book by its cover or a college by its name? Never would the words unassuming and boring rest within the confines of the proper punctuation of a sentence about Brown University. Do not allow the simple name to fool you: behind that relatively lackluster word lies one of the most talked about colleges in the United States. A member of the Ivy League, Brown is definitely one of the most non-traditional colleges in the world.
Brown is well known for its open curriculum - there are no course requirements and there is the Pass-Fail grading option. Students may take any class Pass-Fail instead of receiving a letter grade thereby giving students the freedom to explore new subjects without the fear of not doing well in unfamiliar territory. For many students, this interesting educational system is the reason they choose to attend Brown. However, education is not the only great aspect of Brown.
The students I spoke with were very friendly and willing to talk about every aspect of the Brown experience. They were eager to show me the social as well as the educational parts of Brown. There are many options for evening activities - frat parties, movies, concerts, bars, dorm parties, clubs. The list goes on. The walk into the heart of Providence is only one minute: this city offers a wide array of activities for every type of person.
Brown is a difficult school to gain admission to - Brown looks for students who are not only highly intelligent and able to handle the difficult coursework: Brown looks for students who are mature and responsible enough to handle the freedoms of an open curriculum and who are able to utilize these freedoms to their potential to attain a college education like no other. f

Review by E. W., Scituate, MA

Reviewed in 1994

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