Saint Anselm This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   Manchester, NH: As we drove past the entrance to St. Anselm College, my friends and I were surrounded by beautiful brick buildings, lush emerald lawns, and impeccably kept grounds.

We parked the car and began looking for the Admissions Office. As we ambled around, a well-dressed, polite young man approached us with a friendly smile and asked us if we were lost. Without hesitation, he graciously offered to walk us there.

The Admissions Office was located in a building with tall ceilings, detailed woodwork, and beautiful wooden floors. We were greeted with genuine hospitality and friendly service. The office workers were expecting us and within minutes, knew us all by name. Everyone there went out of their way to ensure our comfort and satisfaction. My interviewer quickly made me feel at home and began to discuss with me the opportunities that the school has to offer.

When I discovered that St. Anselm doesn't offer a major in elementary education, a possible area of interest for me, I was quickly informed that some of the neighboring schools have programs that I could benefit from in addition to my St. Anselm education. From my list of possible majors, this was the only one that the school doesn't offer. She also advised me on some key questions that I should ask all of the schools to which I would apply concerning financial aid and academics. She was both friendly and professional, and she presented the school in an honest and impressive manner. I left the interview feeling confident that if I did attend this school, they would do absolutely everything possible to meet my needs.

After our interviews, we were introduced to our tour guide. He was entering his fourth year at St. Anselm, and was very enthusiastic about what the college had offered and meant to him. The campus was magnificent. We entered the science building first. The orderly and well-equipped lab areas complemented classrooms typical of a small liberal arts college. Of course, most important for all of the people on the tour were the dormitories. We had nothing to worry about. The gender-specific dorms were clean and spacious. I was most impressed with the library. It was brightly lit with hanging chandeliers that did not appear ostentatious. The list of resources that our tour guide presented by rote seemed endless, from audio tapes of lectures to the latest issue of Cosmo. All of the buildings were kept in excellent condition.

Everywhere we went we met friendly people willing to help or answer any of our questions. I've talked to many people about attending St. Anselm College, and they all have positive things to say, but don't feel the need to propagandize. They don't have to, the school sells itself. f

Reviewed in 1994

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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