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   Ithaca, NY: As soon as the bus rounded the corner and came into full view of the beautiful campus, I was awestruck. The first things I noticed were the comfortingly quaint buildings. From the beginning I knew it was a place I could call home.

First, the friendly guide, Heather, a sophomore, took the group on a tour of the campus grounds. One of the nice things was that it was not too big and overpopulated. The classrooms were small, ranging between 4-25 people. The student to faculty ratio is 12: 1, with somewhere between five and six thousand students.

This college is famous for its liberal arts program. If you are a student interested in a music or performing arts major, then an audition is about 50% of your admission process. What intrigued me the most about the liberal arts program are the internship opportunities. For example, if you're in the communications field, you can travel to Los Angelos for a semester and have the opportunity to work on television programs like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, etc. They can also send you to London for a semester. Another thing that would please the person paying your college is that the flight is paid for by the college!

The college also has a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports. The activities range from a performing arts club, to Greek writing, to a big brother and sister program. I could honestly say that they have any sport anyone could ask for. The best part is that if you don't want to be in any major competition, you can join intramural. All of the college's sports teams are ranked pretty well.

The people at the college seemed friendly. According to our guide, you will probably know most people on campus by name. They also have great security.

They have three different types of dormitories: terraces (being the largest); towers (slightly smaller); and quads, which are the smallest (but still not that small.) Your mother doesn't have to worry about the food, it tastes great, and you have a wide range of choices. Just think, you could live on ice cream there, and you won't get nagged by your parents for not eating healthfully.

They have live performances here including bands and comedians, with students choosing who performs, which they set up themselves, so you know it gets done.

What else could I possibly need to tell you before you believe that this is an excellent college? The opportunities here seem endless. f

Reviewed in 1995

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