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   Amherst, MA: On arriving at the college, we entered the visitors center, where tea and cookies were being served, and I immediately felt welcome. After a quick snack, we began the tour, which opened my eyes to a truly incredible institution. The two tour guides were very friendly, as well as giving vats of endless information. For every question asked, they had a definite and complete answer (something not true of tour guides I have had at other colleges). They displayed great enthusiasm for their campus and continually raved about it.

Every boast they made about Amherst was backed up by the facilities they showed us. Having a love of the outdoors, I was extremely impressed with the beautiful wooded area encompassing one side of the college. It would be the perfect place to take pictures or just get acquainted with nature, and the tour guides described many clubs that take advantage of these woods. Next to the woods were the athletic fields, which play host to Division III competition.

The aspect of Amherst that most impressed me with was the friendly nature of all the people there. When the tour took us through one of the dorms, I was surprised at the greeting we received from the students. Almost all of the doors to the rooms were open and many of the students invited us in to see what a "college room" looks like. The kids in the dorm really seemed like a big, happy family.

Another great thing about the college is that it's directly down the road from the University of Massachusetts. Because of this, the town of Amherst is definitely a college town. The road connecting the two schools is lined with restaurants and college shops. The two schools plan many activities together and even allow students to take classes at either school. That is just another of the plusses Amherst provides and just one of the reasons I am glad I visited the school. f

Reviewed in 1995

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