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   Chicago, IL: Visiting North Park College, a Christian college, was an experience I will never forget even if I don't go there. The college isn't all Christian students, but the majority are. The fact that the college is religious creates a peaceful atmosphere. A few kids in my Youth Group and I piled in a van and drove halfway across the United States.

North Park is located in Chicago, but the campus is smaller than most located in large cities. I had a feeling of security and comfort when I arrived. I heard about this liberal arts college through current, past and future students. I stayed for the weekend in a friend's dorm room. The first evenin, we walked around the dormitory and saw the cafeteria. The dormitory was not enormous, but that is good because the students know each other. Campus security in the dorm is excellent.

The next day we went on a campus tour and met the admissions director. One of the current students took us on the tour, which was interesting, even for a small campus. There were many different buildings: the library, the computer room, and the sports center. When the tour was completed, we met back at the admissions building and went back to the dorm for dinner. My youth group and I ate in the cafeteria, which is different from eating in the cafeteria in high school. The college provided a good variety of food. The last day we toured Chicago. We walked around and shopped for souvenirs. We all found it interesting to see the different people. Some were standing around on the sidewalks selling hats, tee-shirts, and other kinds of souvenirs. Others were tourists like us, shopping and looking at the sights. The Sears Tower was amazing and I enjoyed going to the top to see the city from a different point of view.

On our trip home, my friends and I discussed the positives of attending a Christian college. The influence of the religious atmosphere would seem to make "college life" more bearable. North Park is at the top of my college list because of the variety of people and the comfortable feeling I get when I hear the name. I recommend this college to anyone that wants to go to a liberal arts college with a Christian environment. f

Reviewed in 1996

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