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   North Kingston, RI: Visiting the college is only a small part of deciding which college to attend. One also needs to review school's courses and sport activities. The school's reputation in the field of your major should be good. The location is also very important.

This past fall I had the opportunity to visit the University of Rhode Island. URI's campus is similar to a small town. The Narragansett beach is a few miles away and farms are found around the university. Drive further, and you will find shops with everythiing you need. The school cares about their students' safety. They have cars that act as cabs to take you around campus. In case it's late, there is someone to walk with you and an emergency box on every lamp post and you can call and tell them. You're sure to feel safe attending URI.

North Kingston, where URI is located, is a rural area. You can get away from your worries just by taking a walk and admiring nature, green grass, birds, flowers, even some horses and cows. You and your friends can plan a day at Narragansett Bay. You could even go fishing, ride in a boat, or just sit on the sand and watch the sun set. You will have the chance to meet a lot of interesting people. The students welcome you with a smile and a hello wherever you go. You are bound to meet new and exciting people. Attending the University of Rhode Island, one can always find something to do: taking a relaxing stroll or planning a day with your friends. Visiting URI was an advantageous move on my part and you should do the same.

Reviewed in 1996

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