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   Worcester, MA: During the summer I went to visit Worcester Polytechnics Institute. During my visit I had a tour of the campus and a group session to learn about the college.

I began my day with a tour. The campus is set on a beautiful plot of land on the outskirts of Worcester. During my visit they were doing major renovations to update the dorms and remove the road that divides the campus. But the construction didn't take away from beauty of the campus. The tour was led by two seniors who knew all about the campus and could answer the questions the group had. We visited a classroom, the lecture halls, student center, and the athletic facilities. These places were nice-looking and seemed to go along with the beauty of the campus. We finished our tour with a viewing of an average dorm. These are much larger than most dorms at other universities.

After our tour we went to a classroom for our group session, which began with a brief overview of the campus. This was followed by an explanation of the unique academic program WPI uses. In this program you do a major project during your sophomore, junior, and senior years. These projects are each different, some dealing with your major and some dealing with subjects outside your field of interest. These programs were very interesting and seemed to be aimed at furthering your education beyond your major. This was followed by a brief information session which was a great help in understanding the university.

My visit to Worcester Polytechnics Institute was one of the best I have had. The hospitality and the college were great and the overall atmosphere seemed to be very positive. The tour was very well conducted and the guides also seemed to be very intelligent. The students who were at the campus were also friendly. The leader of the group session, a WPI graduate, was very nice. He answered all questions in a way you could understand. My overall visit was superb. f

Reviewed in 1996

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