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    West Point, NY: Just an hour north of New York City is the United States Military Academy at WestPoint. This breathtaking campus on the Hudson River is home to hundreds of youngAmericans interested in military careers. The Academy has a long history ofproducing some of the nation's best generals from some of the nation's brighteststudents. I was impressed by the academics and training each cadet goes throughto join the Army.

The USMA is one of the top colleges in the nation,renowned for its focus on engineering as well as good liberal arts courses. WestPoint is also known for physically fit students at their mental peak. Thesestudents are expected to serve in the Army when they graduate, so they have to bein shape in every possible way.

West Point has one of the most beautifulcampuses in the country. George Washington positioned the base so the Britishwould have to pass it if they wanted to get to upstate New York, and to keep NewEngland united with the rest of the colonies. All over campus, monuments arededicated to those who fought for their nation. The lawns and fields are kept intop condition. Students live in dorms that look like castles.

To get intothe USMA, you have to show high academic achievement and leadership, and benominated by a Congressperson or Senator. If accepted, you must pass manyphysical tests.

The tuition is only $3,000 for all four years, whichcovers books, housing, food, a laptop and other costs. You also receive a smallsalary for your service in the United States Army. Cadets must play a varsity orJV sport, because Douglas MacArthur wanted his students at their physical peakall year round. There are many club sports, too.

During your four yearsat West Point, you are not allowed to get married. After graduation, you areexpected to serve five years in the Army, with the option of joining the Marinesas a second lieutenant.

Tradition at West Point is very strong. Studentsknow they are in the same place where Robert E. Lee, Colin Powell, George Patton,Dwight Eisenhower and many other generals studied military sciences. This isevident in how the students conduct their lives in an orderly fashion withrespect for the campus and those around them. Many students are continuing familylegacies by attending West Point.

Although the United States MilitaryAcademy is very difficult to get into, it offers a top education and anopportunity to learn with some of the nation's best students. While there, youwill reach your physical and mental peak, which will stay with you after youryears there. At West Point, you will learn the value of tradition, honor anddedication. If you visit, you won't be disappointed - you will witness thenation's best at work.

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