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    Storrs, CT: I recentlyattended my first college open house at the University of Connecticut. Thiseliminated some stress; the staff was extremely helpful and excited by myinterest in the school.

An open house is basically a college's way ofintroducing you to the school and giving you a sense of college life. UConnoffered interesting one-hour lectures about financial aid and majors. I attendedone lecture which explained UConn's majors for my different interests. UConn alsooffers a very popular "exploratory" major for those who aren't sure.From these lectures, UConn's professors helped motivate me in my collegesearch.

Open houses are also a great help because they give you a feelingfor the campus. The University of Connecticut, for example, has a huge campus.Thankfully, I was given a map, and the representatives were more than happy toguide me around. I also went on a driving tour of the campus.

TheUniversity of Connecticut's open house helped me in a way that no viewbook orcatalog could by giving me a real look at college life. An open house can make orbreak your decision about a school. If you were planning on spending four yearssomewhere, wouldn't you want to see it first?

Reviewed in 2000

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