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    Cambridge, MA: I fell in love. No, I was not wearing a Cinderella gown ata fairy-tale ball or waltzing in a kingdom once upon a time. Rather, I fell inlove with a place many think of as just as out of reach as a castle on a cloud. Ifell in love with Harvard University.

From the moment I glimpsed themassive, elegant stone buildings, I knew it was love at first sight. Previouslyspellbound by its name, I came to recognize Harvard's welcoming, comfortable andpersonable atmosphere.

Though the temperatures were frigid, the scenerywas dazzling, as was Memorial Hall, dedicated to Harvard students who have diedin battle since the Civil War. The colossal library stunned me as well, though Ifelt amazingly at home in the vast but down-to-earth building.

"Ofcourse, you have those who study all the time and never leave their rooms, andyou have those who never go to class, but most are in the middle," our tourguide comfortingly told us.

Harvard's prestige originates not only fromits dedicated students and renowned professors and alumni, but from the life onecan truly live while studying there. The school offers 41 varsity sports, morethan any other college or university, as well as dozens of orchestras, a cappellagroups, theaters, newspapers, literary magazines and other activities.

Ithas no fraternities or sororities; school spirit is generated through the varioushouses on campus, which encourages friendly and healthy competition in anatmosphere permeated with warmth and geniality. I was equally impressed with therich history and tradition that is uniquely Harvard as I was with the gorgeousarchitecture and surrounding city.

The majority of classes are small(contrary to popular belief), and the school gives its undergraduates anextraordinary amount of freedom to pursue the courses they enjoy most.

Perhaps the greatest lure of the university, however, is the world itopens to its graduates. "People go anywhere and everywhere fromHarvard," our guide told us.

Harvard University offers morethan a name. It offers a future ... and some great fairy tale memories to goalong with it.

Reviewed in 2001

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i love this !

on Jan. 28 2012 at 9:26 pm
MotivatedInk GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Some people dream of success...while others wake up and work at it!

I've been to Harvard with my dad. It is a gorgeous college, full of opportunities and possibilities for hard workers and vivid dreamers. I'm going to that University soon!


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