Bowling Green State University MAG

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    Bowling Green, OH: Visiting Bowling Green State University for three dayswas an exhilarating experience. The college is in a small, close-knit community30 miles south of Toledo. I met many friendly students, and when I asked if theyliked the school, most said it is very easy to adjust to and make friends becauseeveryone is very neighborly.

There are many organizations, programs,clubs, sports and intramural activities to get involved in. With over 200 studentorganizations and more than 300 events each month, students have a vast array ofchoices.

I particularly like this school because it has a wide varietyof majors, ranging from commercial art to pre-law. I also like the size of theschool; with 19,000 students, it is not really small or huge. The size is perfectfor me.

Overall, I liked the atmosphere of the campus. Although I was abit disappointed by how small the town is, I think I would find many things tokeep me busy. I will be looking at other colleges, but attending Bowling GreenState University in the fall is a very inviting possibility.

Reviewed in 2001

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