Cornell University MAG

By Lauren S., Cohasset, MA

     Ithaca, NY: Established in 1865, Cornell has been hailed “the first American university” because it was founded on the idea of providing higher education to students from all backgrounds.

Cornell is an exceptional university offering a choice of 14 different colleges and schools, including seven undergraduate units, four graduate and professional units in Ithaca, two medical and professional units in New York City, and a medical school in the Middle-Eastern State of Qatar.

Student interests seem to take precedence at Cornell, which is inhabited by people who are all intensely motivated and devoted to their education. For example, students who love animals are given the chance to live in a dorm where they can bring their own animals, as long as they can fit in an aquarium. Also, the students enrolled at the School of Hotel Administration have the opportunity to gain precious hands-on experience at the on-campus Statler Hotel.

In addition to providing students with an array of classes and avenues of expression, Cornell also has a campus that is both spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Architectural details add character to the buildings. Ithaca is also home to a large gorge, providing students with a magnificent backdrop. With lots of trees, Cornell is particularly scenic in the fall. Perhaps the most common misconception of Cornell is the notion that the winters are severe and nearly unbearable. But a number of locals and students told me that winter there is quite comparable to that in New York City.

Finally, Cornell is a steppingstone to a brighter future. Since it has an outstanding academic record, its students get top-notch internships and jobs. Notable alumni include Harold Bloom, Joyce Brothers, Toni Morrison, Janet Reno, and Christopher Reeve. There is no doubt that any student who attends will have resources to become the most successful person possible. Visit their website at

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