The College of William & Mary MAG

By Kara W., Cohasset, MA

      Williamsburg, VA: Second only to Harvard as the oldest university in the United States and offering the opportunities and curriculum of an Ivy at a public-school price, William and Mary has a long tradition of academic excellence. With 5,700 undergrads and 2,200 grad students, its size promotes cooperative learning while still attracting a diverse student body. More than 80% of its incoming class ranks in the top 10% of their high-school classes, and students’ standardized test scores are usually very high.

Just 50 miles from Richmond, Williamsburg seems to occupy most students as they frequent the nearby amusement park and local cafes, delis, and restaurants. On-campus, students love the UC Terrace. Other campus favorites are the Sunken Gardens, where students sunbathe and play Frisbee, and the famous Crim Dell Bridge. Legend dictates that if a couple kisses there, they must marry or one has to throw the other off the bridge.

William and Mary offers an intense educational experience. Faculty is top quality, and alumni include Jon Stewart. In recent years, efforts have been made to increase student involvement in study-abroad opportunities, and by 2010, the College hopes to have almost 100% of students study abroad at some point during their four years. All in all, the students rave so much about their academic experience at William and Mary that they claim it is “a public ivy, and not just because we’re full of ourselves.” Their website is

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