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By Anonymous

As far as my eyes could see everything was divided into white and blue. There was barely any noise and there was an uncomfortable pressure in my ears. I had been on planes many tim...

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By Pocahontas Luckey
Fowler, IN
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By Lawson2012 SILVER
Oak Lawn, Illinois
Lawson2012 SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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By katie kang BRONZE
Maspeth, New York
katie kang BRONZE, Maspeth, New York
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By Kayla Herrera
Hartland, WI
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By SometimesTina GOLD
Plymouth, Minnesota
SometimesTina GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong.  They are conflicts between two rights.  ~Georg Hegel

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Adrienne121231234 BRONZE, Arlee, Montana
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"Don't be a fool! Wrap your tool!"

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Mallory Seaton BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Audubon, Pennsylvania
AllForOne SILVER, Audubon, Pennsylvania
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If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
-Albert Einstein

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