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Here are the most recent college essays:

Night Shifts (After Seneca)
By , Andover, MA
There I stand behind a counter that blocks me from this world. I hear the customers chit-chat in a high pitch only known as frustration. Which will she buy for the dress, she declares, seeing her daughter. The daughter responds in a tone maybe... (more »)
Up Until That Instant... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A sharp gulp ceased to moisten my throat. Words seemed to blend together, appearing to me as foreign hieroglyphs. I stood alone, with this puzzling object: a book, trembling in my sweaty palms. A colony of hyenas remained in front of me,... (more »)
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As I reflect on the medley of chaos and thrill that dominated my high school experience, my mind continually wanders to the misfortunes that haunted my senior year. I floundered in a sea of profound sorrow and personal battles. The dawn of this... (more »)
The Diary of a Synesthete This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My favorite number is papaya whip orange and my favorite letter is rose quartz red. I have recently come to realize that perhaps synesthesia is the reason why I spoke my first phrases at the age of eight months old, and why I am now fluent in... (more »)
Conflicting Conscience
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In the novel the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the author pins the notions of right and wrong against each other, while incorporating the wrongdoer’s intention and conscience. The main character, Huckleberry Finn,... (more »)
McTeague: Frank Norris' Expression of...
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The theory of Social Darwinism avows that biologically superior humans endure, while genetically inferior individuals die out. Author Frank Norris, a proponent of Social Darwinism, asserted that one should remain within his inborn social class.... (more »)
Why I Want to Go to SVA
By , Rochester, NY
 In the beginning, when I first came to SVA open house, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know much about the school was it had the Cartooning major I desperately want. As the presentation for the Cartooning and... (more »)
Is Gun Control or Lack Thereof the Cause of...
By , salem, MA
America is one of the leading first world countries in mass shootings, it is said that “Nearly one-third of the world's mass shootings have occurred in the United States” Many Americans believe that the problem... (more »)
Bring It
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As a toddler, my grandpa would take me into the city each St.Patrick's Day to watch Irish dancers perform in the local festival. They would dance along to the fiddles and accordions, giant wigs bouncing about, and their dresses glinting in... (more »)
Cure for All This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I have fractured eyes and a jigsaw soul. Years of perusing the stiff, sharp-edged pages of just-bought books have broken and crushed me physically. My eyes are not clear-sighted, despite the endless dishes of squash that my grandmother... (more »)
Life on a Small Farm
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"To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle." - Walter Chrysler. This is the first time I really observed my farm in great detail. I found things I never knew were there. I watched the animals and found out things... (more »)
The Time I Wasn't
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I've always been a bit of an outcast, never to sure of my place in the world. If the need struck, I could make this essay about all the times I've felt ostracized, stigmatized, and generally excluded. But I'm not into self pity, I... (more »)
The Children of Generals
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It’s safe to say that each individual country loves their military and how they defend the citizens and each other from universal threats that may appear, but some people love them more than others, especially children. There are... (more »)
The Sacrifice
By , Ne, WA
We all have to face difficult decisions in our lives where we have the choice to either do good for ourselves or serve others. In the story “The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin Marilyn is faced with a tough choice to either save her own life... (more »)
King of Papier Mâché
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Dawn´s last sunlight daggers dripped through gaps in the grizzled ash-leaf maple. The day was languishing slowly, turning first a chalky white, then a cerebral pigeon colored gray. Along the pallid backdrop of the misty lake my houseparent... (more »)
The Ex This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Welcome to the land of sorrow and disappointment, otherwise known as the  BREAK UP. We’ve all been there, right? We meet someone that is completely amazing, perhaps not as amazing as Brad Pitt or, say, young Leonardo Dicaprio; but... (more »)
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