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Seven Seconds
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Being out in public with my family was always an experience. I always wanted to hide; I wanted to pretend that I was part of another family, you know, the normal family who quietly waited for their number to be called in the deli section. Just... (more »)
In Tennis I Trust
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Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I shifted back and forth on the tips of my toes, my feet moving faster than my thoughts. I gripped my trusty steed, familiarizing my hands with the leather handle, the Babolat racquet becoming an extension... (more »)
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Becoming Wonderful; Leaving Wonderland
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Telling stories of Alice’s great  adventures, I stand in my ninth grade english classroom, a desolate young girl whose only passion is to be a writer, yet here she stands performing someone else’s work. The desks sit in a broad semi-circle,... (more »)
White Girl
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I clutched my heavy textbooks to my chest as I hurried to math class, already a few minutes late. Rushing around a corner, I came face-to-face with a tall Asian boy with a book bag slung over one shoulder. I startled, and he scoffed.... (more »)
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Everything to Nothing
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I am privileged. Blessed. My life is cushioned with a comfortable home, family vacations in tropical countries, and numerous extracurricular activities. But growing up, I never valued the possessions and experiences that I was blessed with. I... (more »)
It Takes an Army to Defeat an Army
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Changes in hearing, blurred vision, joint pain, stomach pain, liver damage and depression were just a few of the side effects listed on the RxList website for the drug Isotretinoin, an acne treatment popularly known as Accutane. "Is it... (more »)
My Definition
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This past fall, I was excited for Homecoming because it was an opportunity for me to dress up and put effort into my physical appearance, unlike my daily ritual. This was important to me because my Mom’s semi-frequent remarks about how... (more »)
Being Prepared
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When my scouting colleague Charlie and I looked at our haphazard structure, a sapling tied to the ground with sticks and leaves piled on top we smiled. It looked suitable to shelter two people, until the weather changed. When the heavens opened... (more »)
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Imagine this: you just transferred into a new school. You were excited and nervous, but mostly excited to make lots of friends. As you walked through the crowded halls, you started to notice that everybody was now looking at you as if you were... (more »)
Cliques and Clusters: Social Stratification...
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I practically grew up on movies and shows that take place in a high school setting, and have always wondered what inspired movie directors to portray groups of individuals as “the jocks,” “the nerds,” “the freaks,” and “the mean... (more »)
How Music Helped Me Grow Up
By , Clinton, CT
 In fourth grade, my band teacher asked me to play the Star Spangled Banner on the saxophone for our first concert. I would play solo in front of every family member of every student in the concert band. Even though my mom kept reminding... (more »)
An Adventure of a Lifetime
By , Gorham, ME
Ever since I was little, I had always dreamt of going to Europe and exploring the culture, meeting new people, and having fun with friends, but I never imagined that I would really get to do that along with doing something that I love, making... (more »)
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Smiling Abroad This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I don’t understand a single word being spoken by the people around me. For my entire life I have been learning, speaking, writing, and reading the same language. Now I struggle to communicate with those who do not understand. I am trying... (more »)
The Scoop with Ice Cream
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Many American movies feature girls crying over a bucket of ice cream with a super-sized spoon, watching netflix or a movie. People seem to eat ice cream when sad, happy, celebrating an event, or a eating a midnight snack. Ice cream has affected... (more »)
Why Cooking is So Important to Me This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
From a very young age I learned that my family wasn’t allowed to eat like other families. Two of my sisters had allergies to many things but the important ones being corn and wheat, and my mother being allergic to wheat as well. Whenever... (more »)
From Shadows to the Spotlight
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I sat facing the board quietly doing my work.  My teacher asked how I liked the new school. I simply replied, “ It’s nice.” I tried to focus back on my work but got distracted by a cluster of  kids in the back... (more »)
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