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Most Recent College Essays

Here are the most recent college essays:

Coming to America
Family was always important to my parents. They taught my siblings and me family should always come first. No matter how far the distance we should always support each other and never forget to keep in touch. The moment I came to America was the... (more »)
My Mother
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“Querer es poder” (If you really want to, you can achieve it), this is what my mom always says to me. My mother is the greatest inspiration I have in this universe. Thanks to God, I can see and hear her actions to assist me in anything I need.... (more »)
Famines and Prerequisites
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I grew up in a family which I wanted to escape from. I wanted to hide from my mom; she always had this glass of BearBrand milk for me. I wanted to avoid my dad; he always thought I was interested in Basketball. I wanted to conceal myself from my... (more »)
The Waiting Room This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was one of the hottest days of summer when i first got to visit my sister in the hospital. Hopping out of the old blue minivan that belonged to my grandfather, I found myself wishing that my sister could have been born during one of the winter... (more »)
My Reason Why I Want to Go to OCC
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I crave for changed this year. I wanted to tried new things and be different. My life before I found Jesus this year was dark. I saw no hope, I cried every day, and I pretend. But not anymore because I finally know what God has done for me and... (more »)
“You Can’t Use a Lyric, Nalah!”
“You can’t use a lyric, Nalah!” That’s what I keep telling myself as I sit here brainstorming for this paper. Square one: the very first sentence. How can I grab your attention in one line? Nothing but song lyrics are coming to my mind,... (more »)
Is the U.S. Constitution Still Relevant?
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The American lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last few centuries. There were many great American figures and inventions that helped shape these changes. But the most relevant part of history to the United States is the Constitution.... (more »)
The Day I Changed
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It took me until spring 2014 to talk about it comfortably. It took a line game to be exact. Who would have thought crossing an imaginary line could have so much power over me. The proctor repeated “physical and/or mental disabilities”. My... (more »)
Have you ever thought about how fun college would be before you leave to go? I have and I thought that it would be fun and it is definatly not fun at all. Even though you meet a lot of new fun friends, sitting in class most of the day you sit in... (more »)
Live Life Like You Were Naked This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Somewhere in Europe dwells a crazed lunatic running amuck whose precise whereabouts is currently unknown – even to his ­family. This man is my uncle. Uncle Warren always lives life to the fullest, even if it means turning his house into a... (more »)
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Family: The Root of a Being
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“Family isn’t an important thing, it’s everything.” Michael J. Fox, a well-known actor quotes. All children inherit some things from their parents, may it be shape of the nose or blue eyes; I inherited few more qualities than those. I... (more »)
'Naturally' Here
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Why am I here? I wondered, as the mild soft sunlight peered into my brown skin. The question vanished into the blue clear sky as this place was much more fascinating than the question. But there was no question of being ‘somewhere else’ than... (more »)
The Science of History (Or Vice Versa)
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Education is a journey. It involves various interconnecting paths, where each must be traveled to unblock obstacles or setbacks on others. Being subjects of study, these paths range from common sense to collegiate calculus. True education... (more »)
High School Life
By , Mansfield, MA
Every one of us is the sum of our choices, but our past doesn’t make us who we are, it’s what we choose to be now that defines us as a person. I made different choices that lead me to this very moment and I gained knowledge from each... (more »)
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I Am Still Here This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , White River Junction, VT
There are 20 other students sitting around me in my study hall. I write as quickly as I can. It is as if my life depends on what I get down on the page before my first class starts. In some ways, it does. Unlike the other students in my study... (more »)
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Different Americas This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Stubby fingers clumsily fiddled with the top button of a navy-blue Oxford shirt. Once this ­formidable task was accomplished, I grabbed my Spider-Man book bag and left my room. Following my daily routine, I headed toward the front door only to... (more »)
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