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Here are the most recent college essays:

Daddy Daughter
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I believe in my father. My father never cries. He is a tough, big man that is intimidating to many at first glance. But, many people do not realize the hurt and the pain that his soft heart has felt. He fell in love with a... (more »)
If Friendship Is Calculable
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If friendship is calculable some might say that by adding an abundance of acquaintances, multiplying a few merry memories, and subtracting some silly squabbles the result would equate to a perfect relationship. I, however, believe that... (more »)
The Auction Block
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Liberty and justice. The two words every American has proudly chanted, shortly before finishing with “for all” in the Pledge of Allegiance. The two words I’ve chanted again and again, ecstatic at the chance of praising such a great nation... (more »)
The Forever Within the Rugged Leather
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I believe in stability. I believe in the lace-bound black leather with metal zippers and a thick, chunky heel kind of stability. The kind that is my two-footed foundation. The kind that provides me with confidence as I march down the halls,... (more »)
The Christ Complex in Literature
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Our culture and society has changed and evolved so much over the many years humans have been alive. Not only has our culture changed over time, it’s also so different wherever you go. This is most easily seen in classic literature.... (more »)
Home Is Who Your Heart Is
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I could begin this speech about family by using the overused phrase “Home is where the heart is.”  However, this is not a speech about family, or even where my “home” happens to lie.  This is a speech about... (more »)
The Truth on Commitment
By , Gilbert, AZ
“Till death do us part.” This phase a meaningful, cherished saying for  men and women commit to each other before saying“I do.” But, in reality does this phase really have any meaning behind it? I believe that... (more »)
This I Believe: An Intermission from This...
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The majority of my childhood was spent in an old, tired town in the Philippines. It was not a wealthy town; yet, it was not a poor town. Consequently, we would often have these power outages that would last overnight, and, I have to say, those... (more »)
The Bathroom Issue This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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One of the most debated topics in America right now is the bathroom policy. There are a lot of aspects to this question, but the debate basically boils down to: Should there be gender-neutral bathrooms and/or should everyone, no matter their... (more »)
Drug Addiction
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In my old school,  I  had  a classmate who was very problematic. He had  always been a naughty  child, but  ever  since  he  started  smoking  he  transformed  into  someone... (more »)
My Revelation
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“Whose footprints are these?” “What is this piece of paper that has baby footprints marked in ink with the name “Roopmathi” on the top?” My dad’s face froze, and my mom’s jaw dropped as they saw... (more »)
With Ink as My Voice This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When I became tired of pacing back and forth in my grandparents’ foyer attempting to count to 500, I wrote instead, first on printer paper in multi-colored pen, then on the yellow paper in my grandmother’s electric typewriter. ... (more »)
To Save a Life
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Nine out of ten people when asked the simple question, “Would you rather save a life, or lose a life?” answer to “save a life.” Not many people can say that they helped save a life. However, if an opportunity presented... (more »)
The Meaning of Life
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No one thinks they will  have to question their mortality at seventeen years old.  You tend to go about your daily business not thinking about how lucky you are to just be alive and happy. Usually life is too busy to stop and appreciate what... (more »)
Lawmakers Say “Screw It” and Cancel Health...
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Washington DC—During an impromptu restroom meeting, top Lawmakers discussed on Monday the future of healthcare under the Trump Administration.          One of the most groundbreaking elements... (more »)
Seed Power
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The life of our fellow plant starts here. It is a small seed. It is a new recruit, just dispatched from its parent. It is buried in the soil, waiting for the right conditions. At last, it finds the right temperature, water, oxygen, and light... (more »)
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