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Most Recent College Essays

Here are the most recent college essays:

A Glance at Nothing
I was hopeless, watching the rest. Who was I? And why was I not with them. As the sun cut its arm, and extended its flowing blood to me, I felt its beat. The ringing light brought clarity. A tinted vision, it was almost too much. My first moment... (more »)
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How Precious Life Really Is
By , Silver Plume, CO
New babies coming into the family are always considered a blessing. A little bundle of joy that you can’t help but love unconditionally. But when it comes down to learning lessons from babies, it’s normally just how to change a diaper or... (more »)
Battered Praise
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Kneel on a worn leather cushion, ease into a creaky wooden pew, and stand on tired but restless legs. For what? Even with all of my praise, all God did was throw me onto the corner ropes of the ring and deliver a sharp jab with the left, then... (more »)
Opportunity Land
I grasped the concept of opportunity a few years after my home was replaced from a small country in Europe-roughly the same size as Michigan-to a much larger country on the Western Hemisphere. I was born in Romania; a nation that isn’t... (more »)
Crunch Time
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Down two points in double overtime, I'm on the sideline waiting to e subbed in. One knee to the floor, weat trickles down my face as I anxiously clench the collar of my damp jersey. Pressure is beginning to build in my gut, and my heart is... (more »)
College Essay
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It was junior year- the one colleges look at – and my grandfather was terminally ill; it was a major distraction.  The pressure from everyone to do well was overwhelming enough, and the fact that my “rock” was dying did... (more »)
Building Up
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Piles. There are piles and piles of paper that build up my confidence, filled with words from my heart. Draining the toxic stress and frustration, the anger, fear, love and buried feelings from inside. School, two jobs, babysitting, SAT’s and... (more »)
"I Believe"
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Sitting on a paper-lined, blue examination table in a fluorescently lit orthopedists’ office was the last place that I wanted to be on a spring afternoon. My doctor, a family friend, spoke to my mother about my x-rays while I gazed at the... (more »)
The Construction of Me
     How many people can say that their entire life was split in half at three years old? Unfortunately, a surprising number of people can most likely relate. Divorce rates have skyrocketed and traditional family styles have... (more »)
Lone Wolf
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Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. My mother—a single parent—works as a civil servant of Bhutan: due to her occupational hazards, I was entitled to... (more »)
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The days pass in fear. As the hours slowly crawl by, the fear arrives. This choking, black cloud arrives with no warning and causes paranoia, delusion, terror. The pain becomes a parasite that begins to eat away at the mind it has chosen to... (more »)
Finish Line.
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Every athlete in any race has one target:The Finish Line.The training he goes through is all focused on the finish line. Life isn't just a journey but also a race.A race where you have competitors:business,academic,socially,etc.So you... (more »)
My Passion
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Crisscross apple sauce upon the bed, elbows drawn to the knees, paper rests in lap, and a pen ever so gently pressed at my lips. My mind churns and processes different phrases, and tries to put the words together to create harmony. Suddenly it... (more »)
“Basically! So what have you been up to lately?” I ask, eager to catch up with an old friend. Silence. I blink and look up from my sushi. She’s typing away on her phone. “What have you been up to lately?” I... (more »)
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The Choir Room This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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This room is filled with old, uncomfortable plastic chairs. The linoleum floor is so faded and scratched that I’m not sure what’s part of the pattern or part of the bottom of someone’s shoe. The whiteboard has the previous periods’ songs... (more »)
Mind Over Body
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At the sound of the whistle I ran with all my might to pass my opponents. Panting helplessly, I tried to concentrate on my breathing; that seems to be my only dilemma. I felt my legs getting heavier each time my foot comes in contact with the... (more »)
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