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Sunday Afternoons This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. Sunlight beams radiantly through tall windows, illuminating our makeshift chapel in the nursing home lobby. The priest thoughtfully blesses a freshly baked loaf of bread on a wobbly card table. A saint... (more »)
Sheer Simplicity
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Sleeping bags? Check. Pillows? Check. Mace to ward off mountain lions? Double check. Preparing to embark on another whirlwind adventure, I manage to zip up a stubborn backpack bulging with essentials. It’s a quiet evening in late August, the... (more »)
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I am a genuine person. My heart is full and fragile and for a young woman in high school, that isn’t always the ideal personality to possess. For a long time, I let others walk all over me which led to an ongoing depression leaving... (more »)
My Recipe for Happiness
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Happiness. What a great word!!! Happiness one thing that exists in everyone. Whether it's being happy about icecream, school, sunshine, friends or a tv show everyone feels happiness at least once in their life. Now, some people might not find... (more »)
Tall or Short? Powerful or Weak?
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For most people, meeting my eyes requires tilting their neck several degrees beyond the norm; watching them awkwardly pan upward is a part of my everyday life. My height is something that is impossible not to notice. When I am walking on the... (more »)
My Home
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The smell of leaves and fresh air was overwhelming. There was a slight breeze, and the sun faintly filled the air. It wasn’t hot though. It was chilly. It was October as I walked passed the old, green and white house across from my... (more »)
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I looked down at hands, bloodied and cracked with dirt. Tears in my eyes I looked up at the beast before me and yelled, “Why?” I put my head in my hands for what felt like eternity until I felt a warm puff of air blow my hair. It... (more »)
A Quality for My Sleeve
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He was young and I didn’t know him very well. The summer of 2014 was full of mixed emotions. My mother had me hang out with my cousin Adrian, who I rarely saw at family functions. I curiously wondered as to why my mother sent me, out of... (more »)
Not Since
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Frigid air stings my lungs as I gasp for breath. The water viciously thrashes and pulls me down to claim my life. My arms and legs won’t move on my command and I feel cold pulsing through my body. All I see is darkness, and it feels so... (more »)
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Trees gently sway in the wind. Leaves underneath me crunch while I wander deeper into the waking forest. The cold air kisses my bare cheek, leaving me with goosebumps and a runny nose. Throughout my walk on the trail, clumps of small,... (more »)
Why You and JU?
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I remember when I walked into my Practicallaw class, I had approached my teacher to ask her, Can I go to Honor Guard at 2:45PM.? My teacher had told me I wouldn’t get an education due to me wanting to leave class to put down the... (more »)
Lessons from the Mountain
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Skiing has always had an impact on me. Growing up a skier was the best thing that ever could have happened. At a young age I experienced one of the greatest feelings in the world, the joy of taking my ski boots off at the end of the day. No... (more »)
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Adjusting to my new job at Chipotle was hard. I never had time for anything that I spent that last 15 years doing. The rest of that summer I worked. I spent the summers before with friends by the pool now I was there working. It was tough... (more »)
Standing Up for a Better Society
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Throughout my life I have always prided myself on sticking up for my own individual beliefs. There have been many times where I have had to defend my own personal ideals and refrain from taking other people’s point of views into... (more »)
Every Sunday
By , northborough , MA
As long as I can remember every Sunday has been the same, waking up with the smell of breakfast ready and sitting on the couch with our pj’s still on. Mom and Dad cook breakfast in the kitchen as us kids watch a show that we can never... (more »)
By , cebu, Philippines
Life is full of wonders, frustrations, disappointments, pains, heartaches and depressions. No one never dreamed of experiencing pain caused by lies, deception, betrayal, mistrust and complications. Life has to be enjoyed, love must be shared but... (more »)
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