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The Justification for Genocide, Terrorism, and...
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Of course! Otherwise, everyone’s “#mcm” on Instagram would be Mark Wahlberg. But so is not the case. It would be detrimental to our species population growth if everyone were... (more »)
The Birthing Crisis This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The gentle, coaxing fingers seized a pair of shining scissors, rushing its blades deftly through a veil of muscle and skin, releasing a trail of glistening red in their wake. Screams, commands, and moans melded in a symphony of chaos,... (more »)
Believe Me This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Lansing, MI
“Why are they crying? It’s not like it’s that big of a deal,” I thought to myself as my mom sobbed while leaving the examination room. The pediatrician was talking at us, I was only twelve. My younger sisters were... (more »)
Drug Overdose in Central Ma
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Over the past few years the drug overdoses in Central Massachusetts has skyrocketed immensely. In 2014 there were 712 overdoses in the city, 25 of them resulting in death. “In my mind, 2014 became a beacon as far as awareness on the... (more »)
All Hail the Weirdos
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The places the make me content are the endless rows of books at a library, a whimsical town in a Sarah Addison Allen novel, and a multitude of other places. There is not just one place that makes me content, the world is filled with amazing... (more »)
A Hope
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I remember the first time I ever entered my local library, a rush of cool air had greeted me and beckoned me in from the summer heat. There was nothing special about the library at all, it was just like all the others I had seen in my nine year... (more »)
It Has Happened...
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Running backwards across the court. Going to get that overhead, going to get that overhead… And thump, I’m on the ground. I can’t feel anything. Is that really bad? Ok, you can get up, Eric. Alright, then…Oh!... (more »)
A Chance for Change
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The world population is estimated to equal a total of approximately 7 billion people. That is 7 billion people with lives equally or more complex than your own. When you think about the bigger picture, everyone has problems, and some have it... (more »)
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My back has been in pain since we hit Ohio, but now I no longer care.  The sounds of the highways and road rage have been replaced by seagulls squawking and waves crashing against the shoreline.  As we arrive at my grandparent’s... (more »)
Destined for Greatness
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 I often ask myself, “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose in this world?” and “Does my existence matter?” These questions swirl inside my head as if they were continuously pounding until I realize some... (more »)
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Wouldn’t it have been easy for a well-off, suburban boy like me to go to a well-off, suburban high school, hang out with other well-off, suburban boys, and believe that the world is full of the happiness and sunshine of my stable... (more »)
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It was a fine evening when I was among my friends - running and playing.the cool air was rejuvenating while the last rays not the sun ornamented the sky.I was chasing a boy along the sidewalk when I heard a distant scream . however, it only... (more »)
Flight DL-3
As I located my seat, I encountered an older couple from another country seated beside me. The woman was wrapped in a red and purple shawl, and the man was dressed in a tight brown antiquated suit, and seemed to fidget under its... (more »)
Negative Effects of Rape Trauma
During adolescent years, teenagers may suffer various types of social and emotional hardships. These difficulties have a serious effect on teenagers, mostly because of the transitional period in their life that they are going through.... (more »)
One Thousand Times Before the Light Shines
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What if Thomas Edison would have given up after his 552nd attempt to invent the light bulb? Perhaps we’ll still be lighting candles during the darkness, countless inventions would only be a rumor, and this sentence would have been written... (more »)
Two Polar Opposites, Merged to the Middle
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When I step into the car, there is silence. I know what is about to come. “What happened that game? You weren’t yourself. You can’t continue to play like that,” criticizes my mom. I give no response hoping that conveys... (more »)
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