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Wouldn’t it have been easy for a well-off, suburban boy like me to go to a well-off, suburban high school, hang out with other well-off, suburban boys, and believe that the world is full of the happiness and sunshine of my stable... (more »)
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It was a fine evening when I was among my friends - running and playing.the cool air was rejuvenating while the last rays not the sun ornamented the sky.I was chasing a boy along the sidewalk when I heard a distant scream . however, it only... (more »)
Flight DL-3
As I located my seat, I encountered an older couple from another country seated beside me. The woman was wrapped in a red and purple shawl, and the man was dressed in a tight brown antiquated suit, and seemed to fidget under its... (more »)
Negative Effects of Rape Trauma
During adolescent years, teenagers may suffer various types of social and emotional hardships. These difficulties have a serious effect on teenagers, mostly because of the transitional period in their life that they are going through.... (more »)
One Thousand Times Before the Light Shines
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What if Thomas Edison would have given up after his 552nd attempt to invent the light bulb? Perhaps we’ll still be lighting candles during the darkness, countless inventions would only be a rumor, and this sentence would have been written... (more »)
Two Polar Opposites, Merged to the Middle
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When I step into the car, there is silence. I know what is about to come. “What happened that game? You weren’t yourself. You can’t continue to play like that,” criticizes my mom. I give no response hoping that conveys... (more »)
The Art of Having a Passion
By , Clinton, CT
The blue paint, vibrant against the green background, sponges into blobs creating a rounded, multiple-pedals effect. As white is added to the very edges, just a tint, the colors slowly blend together. I dip my paintbrush in the bright, lime... (more »)
The Easter Bunny
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“Uncross your arms’, don’t forget to smile, and stroke their egos,” the assistant manager reminded me as I approached a members table. I obeyed without question. “Excuse me sir, can I clear your plate?” I... (more »)
35 Liberty Street This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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35 Liberty Street may seem a normal address, but for my family, 35 Liberty Street is a sauna in the summertime, an icebox in the wintertime, and a home to strange creatures all year long. Household tasks become exponentially difficult for the... (more »)
More Than One Route
I forgot to ask for a ride. Next thing I knew, the clock changed to 6:20: ten minutes to soccer practice. Normally, my parents and I would leave at around this time to get to practice, but who knew that simply eating a sandwich while watching... (more »)
The Gym Award
By , Clinton, CT
The dreaded day is finally here. The mandatory mile test. My stomach is in knots, and all I can think is I do not want to do this. I stand at the starting line waiting, and Mr. Gersch yells “Go!”. I run through the cramps and the... (more »)
6.9 Credits
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Stepping out of my mother’s car, I stride swiftly to the splintered wooden doors of the archaic Academy Building. I was fifteen minutes early, by my mother’s request, and could already feel the burning stares of the upperclassmen.... (more »)
Tough Enough
“What happens if you get blood on the mat?” I asked Coach Heather, a few hours before our competition. She must not have heard me because I never received an answer. I was extremely nervous because MacKenzie, my flyer, was asked by... (more »)
My Inspirational Babysitter This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
“…Kathy has schizophrenia,” my mom said.  While my mom talked, I did not know what to think.  Kathy had always seemed like everyone else, but in reality, she wasn’t.  Since I was a year old, when my... (more »)
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“Hello, ladies! Are you all ready for intensive day two?” We all smile nervously, only four more days, twenty hours of dancing after today! Miss Michelle continues, “The quote of the day is, ‘The difference between... (more »)
Welts This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A sting of pain shoots through my neck as I turn around to see five eighth graders holding rubber bands and laughing hysterically. My face flushes red with confusion and embarrassment, which only makes them laugh harder. “Oh, calm down,... (more »)
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