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Here are the most recent college essays:

They Will Be Proud
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I lived in a small town in Mexico named Tepalcingo. The streets made of small rocks, the roads falling apart much like the houses. Kids would run around playing with old toys and mud. I was that child, my family struggled. We lived in a small... (more »)
Live Your Life
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My mother invariably picks me up from middle school, so when I received the “You’re walking home.” text, I knew something was up. I trudged through the door and bellowed, “I’m home!”. No response. Voices... (more »)
Burned Out
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I settle down at a table with three different hats on it, ready to announce my college commitment. “This was a difficult decision, but I’d like to thank all the schools that have recruited me and believed in me enough to offer me a... (more »)
What If
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The clock read 12:30 pm - I slowly pushed myself up from the dismantled array of blankets on the floor. Sprawled across the 2’ by 2’ square foot table laid a stack of 5th-grade academia - Easy Arithmetic Math and Beyond, 5 Steps to... (more »)
We Walk
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“My parents are fighting again...” spoken off trembling lips as I drift along the uneven pavement. “Every struggle in your life shapes you into YOU,” Natalie reassures me, “Be thankful for the tough times as... (more »)
It's Just a Football This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Portland, OR
Quaint houses painted bland colors surrounded me on either side. Trees shielded the concrete cul de sac from any sense of brightness, and average suburban cars, such as Volvos and Buicks, lined the shadowed street. “Keep your arm... (more »)
A Red Rose
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Tall white smooth walls enveloped me, encircling the memorial structure. In front of me, a  rectangular mass of water reflected the gray morning sky. Beyond the water, rows upon rows of light gray marble crosses laid out beneath the dense... (more »)
The Day I Learned Chess
By , Portland, OR
There I sat, tensed up in a chair outside my elementary school library. Why did I volunteer for this? I thought to myself. The image of Mr. Traller popped into my head, and what happened to his daughter. My friend Josh and I were tasked with... (more »)
The Final Goodbye
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He and I were slouched over holding his old rugged Playstation 2 controllers playing Call of Duty in the basement. I glance over to see tears falling from his eyes. Don’t cry, whatever you do, don’t cry. Focus on killing the bad... (more »)
All By Myself
By , Portland, OR
It was Friday, November 7th, 2013. My alarm buzzed; it was pitch black outside and the taste of morning breath consumed my mouth. I had been through this routine of waking up early to catch a flight several times, but this was different. I was... (more »)
Racquetball: The Life Changing Sport
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“BEEP BEEP BEEP” 6:45 a.m. The dark, gloomy morning consumes my bedroom. Time to start another day of high school. The soft pillows hug me tightly, begging me not to leave. I glance at the clock, and it reminds me that I can’t... (more »)
Steps to Change
By , Beaverton, OR
“FOSTER HOME ON TRIAL FOR ABUSING CHILDREN”, “PARENT BEATS CHILD TO DEATH”, “BABYSITTER ABUSES BABY” - we witness these on the news often. Yet do we, everyday people, take action? For years I stood aside... (more »)
Trust No One This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My eyes opened wide as I jumped out of bed onto the gray, stained carpet. What the hell is happening? My dad’s shaky voice confused me; my head spun. I couldn’t make out what he was yelling to my mother, but he was concerned or... (more »)
Pencling in My Past This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Portland, OR
“There goes the sumo wrestler!” Ignoring what Che said, I quickly changed the subject to last night’s Blazer game, but on the inside, I wanted to run to the dark corner of whatever room I was in, pull my gray hoodie... (more »)
God's Gifts
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92 degrees, yet it felt like 115. Sweat saturated my face and back. Drink water. Group leaders plastered into my brain that drinking water should become religious. But it’s warm. How is lukewarm water suppose to make you feel better? I... (more »)
My Time in Portugal
By , Stoughton, MA
From what I can remember the town of Ribeira De Janela is very beautiful and primitive place. Thus meaning there is little to now new technology around, not even wifi! This tiny town is located in Madeira Portugal. Back in 6th grade on winter... (more »)
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