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One Day
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I am a brave young women who knows what it feels like to be afraid. I have been afraid of a lot of fears, for example: heights, presenting to a large group, choking, the dentist murdering me somehow, my parents fighting while intoxicated,... (more »)
The Most Dangerous “Sport” In the US
By , Englewood, OH
A sport is defined by Google as, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” (Google). When you think of a sport, what comes to mind? To... (more »)
College Essay
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People define success as being famous and having money. People don't see what success is really about. Success is not about how much income you make at the end of the day, what score you got on the SATS, or what college you will be... (more »)
It Starts With App State
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There are very few people who would disagree with the idea of a problem with humanity, a sickness present in the world. This disease is often thought of as sin, ignorance, inequality, or lack of understanding. Despite the source, a major problem... (more »)
This is Our Era
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The following are imaginary chapters in a 19th century book trying to educate striving women learn more about the steps to having the profession of a published writer. The chapters give insight to the few opportunities that were available in a... (more »)
Oliver and Sam
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“What do you wanna do today?” said Oliver. “I don’t know, what do you wanna do today?” said Sam. “Let’s go into town,” said Oliver. And so they went. Out the front door, past the... (more »)
A Lesson In Romantics
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Perhaps the most confusing creature on this earth, by far, is the woman. An ever-flowing waterfall of hormones and emotions, the woman is a blubbering, hysterical mess who never seems to know what it wants. In addition to being fickle and... (more »)
I’m Going to Hell This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My mother has always been incredibly protective of me. Some would say she fits into the “asian tiger mom” stereotype-I may or may not agree, lovingly of course. Yet she would do everything to extremes to make sure I was healthy and safe.... (more »)
Feelings of Home
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My fingers ache as they flick across the keyboard. Twinges of pain from the constant sharp and precise motions they have been making for the past two hours. My eyes feel watery and glassy, as I stare transfixed at the screen. I am almost done.... (more »)
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One thing that is equal to life is death.Death cannot be described,but its properties can be told. 1)It snatches away at anytime it likes regardless of circumstance,location or countless pleas. 2)Life is fair.What is not fair is death.... (more »)
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Untitled This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I was raised on the notion that arriving on time is arriving late; so, when Representative Smola asked me to be at the State House at ten, naturally I took the 7:30 train. I saunter up the subway steps, my crimson skirt vivid amongst the... (more »)
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Welcome back to the black-hole time-sucking wasteland known as Youtube, HipsDontLie6969! It’s been an eternity since we’ve last seen you. What, a whole two days? Unacceptable. You have 53 videos piled up in your subscription... (more »)
What Are You? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“What are you?”   Surprisingly, this somewhat intrusive question bombards me wherever I go. I love to toy with their minds. Typically I say I’m black and white, but if I’m feeling adventurous, I throw... (more »)
Documentary Films: Why Nature and Technology...
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Documentary films, throughout the years, have portrayed the relationship of nature and technology. Some of the films expressed how some people managed to live in nature and get disconnected from technology and civilization, while other films... (more »)
To Depression
By , West Chester, OH
I have never spoken words to you because I was afraid you would not listen. That, and ever since you entered my life, you have pushed me and pulled me and drained me of strength, and I fear this confrontation may set you off again. However,... (more »)
This I Believe
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When I was young,  my mother believed in the power of optimism. She would repeat over and over again, “If you wake up claiming it will be an awful day, chances are it will be.” I grew accustomed to the idea that my attitude... (more »)
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