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Fresh Mango Warning
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General Goal: To inform Specific Goal: To inform my audience about the possible reaction to mangoes. Primary Argument Appeal Type: (PERSUASIVE ONLY!) Introduction Attention getter: Who here has had a food allergy? Listener... (more »)
Black and White
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“Aunt Joan, my mommy is white, and my daddy is black. I don’t know what I am.” My Great aunt was taken aback because I was seven, and I had only met her that morning. I stood in the living room of my father’s... (more »)
Literacy History
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As a child everything is happy and joyful, aside from a little trantham here and there, but all around one does not have to stress about much. One could say I was a “normal” child. I played with my toy horses, went outside, did a... (more »)
The Four Seasons
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When the clock of nature stroke seasons,something extra ordinary was produced with each and every hour. This world is an alluring place to live in. Life has to offer many cherished miracles but the sensations of nature are significantly... (more »)
Running On Peanuts
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“What should my name be?”  I asked myself this on a sunny, steamy June afternoon, just over a year ago.  As I scrolled through the required information to make a new Instagram account, I was stumped at what to call my... (more »)
Confidence Is Key
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Inspirational writer Toni Payne once said “When you have self confidence no matter how unfavorable a situation looks at a particular time, you know you will win”.  Becoming a more confident person, through my dancing is one of the most... (more »)
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“Which is right?” I asked my dad, pointing to a page in a book that told the difference between two political parties, “Republican or Democrat?” He tended to favor a more conservative ideology, and since I was thirteen,... (more »)
Anything Goes
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“Matt, you would be perfect in the school play.  Why don’t you want to do it?”  Ever since elementary school, my parents have been pestering me to take part in a school play.  But doing one seemed... (more »)
Mustard Seed Yellow
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The room was silent...empty. I sat there waiting and worrying about what would happen next. Would the student stay attached to their parents? Will my class be big? Small? Loud? Silent? The first student arrives on my first day of teaching and I... (more »)
Chavez's Speech
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is that of  “[t]hree other children in Earlimart… suffering from similar fatal diseases” (40). This predicament should most certainly raise some eyebrows and cause suspicion towards those who are in charge of such... (more »)
The Tragedy That Redefined My Purpose
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The journey to discovering oneself does not always come easy. From a young age, I had a strong sense of who I was to become, but a tragic incident forced me to redefine myself.  Now, as a high school senior, having demonstrated my ability... (more »)
More Than a Coach
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I sit at the table, palms sweaty, fingers tingling, tentatively hovering over the colored cards placed in front of me. My directions seem simple, choose the most important or impactful things in my life based on categories, special things,... (more »)
It All Started with One Game
By , Clinton, CT
When I was about 13 years old, I found myself on the living room floor of a family friend’s house enjoying a game of Chutes and Ladders with three delightful children. By the time we finished watching a movie while having a bowl of... (more »)
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Everyone is obsessed with numbers.  Students want to know what their grades are, customers constantly ask the price of an item, and athletes look for the score of an important game.  When people find out about what I do, the first... (more »)
Mom, I Don't Feel So Well
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The wave of black hits me- hard. I try to talk myself out of it and not get anxious, but I keep passing out. I tense up, and my heart starts racing. The doctors call it vasovagal; a condition where the sight of blood or any other injury affects... (more »)
The Bond of a Brother
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The bus was silent as we approached the field. I methodically and monotonously went over the plays and their corresponding routes in my head. Topeka, Kansas: ten-yard post, Cincinnati, Ohio: ten-yard out, Honolulu switch: the wide out and I... (more »)
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