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Here are the most recent college essays:

By , Granbury, TX
 Big bright brown eyes stared up at me, peering through long dark eyelashes. Small, tan arms found their way around my legs, encircling me in a world of warmth. A smile was etched from ear to ear with an unfaltering gaze. And, as I looked... (more »)
A Motel for Myself (and My Cat)
By , Granbury, TX
My creative space sports a gruesome sight.  Fairly so: that would be the way to describe the process, be the story horror or fantasy or realistic fiction.  My journal holds notes so pressed into the margins that they might pop. ... (more »)
What's So Great About Dance, Anyway? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
The wooden gym doors slightly creek open as I walk in hesitantly and nervous. Sweaty palms and cold, semi-bare feet tiptoe and make contact with the freshly waxed wooden floor. The leather piece of material wrapped to the bottoms of my feet... (more »)
Loosing Myself
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When you grow up, you believe everything people tell you. For the most part, they tend to turn out true, but as soon as we find out something is not, we feel like our world starts crashing down. The summer before my junior year of high... (more »)
Discovery Through Time
Ten years from now I could almost be anything, ranging from those lost souls roaming the streets or the lost souls trapped in a cubicle. But my aspirations must always remain high, no matter the amount of darkness clouding my path. And these... (more »)
Open My Eyes
“Things don’t change. You change your way of looking, that’s all,” – Carlos Castaneda. That’s what I realized seeing through my new eyes. True friends. Easy for some to have and hard for others to get.... (more »)
Harsh Reality
Ever since I learned how to play the trombone, I foolishly tricked myself into believing that my playing skills were beyond those of anyone else simply because I was better than the few people I had actually heard play around me. This arrogance... (more »)
Lifetime Goals Essay
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17 September 2014 Music has always been a huge passion and inspiration to me. Ever since I started playing, everything just came more naturally to me than others; however, I do not have the gift of playing my horn persay, but more so with... (more »)
Shattered Hope
Life without a father is difficult and in many ways depressing.  Sadly at the mere age of five, my parents got a divorce.  During this time I was too young to understand the logistics of the divorce but I was old enough to realize... (more »)
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Throughout a person’s life they may encounter many hardships ranging from a drug addiction, the loss of a family member, or even something as simple as making a decision between a soup or salad before dinner. No matter the severity of the... (more »)
College Application Essay
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 Trash everywhere, children running about with no shoes or shirts, constant visits from the police, my neighborhood was not very welcoming. Growing up in a poor neighborhood taught me at an early age what to do, and what not to do, to best... (more »)
Lost in Life
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The blue birds chirping like the melody of a beautiful song.  That is the only beautiful thing out in the woods, all alone.  Alone, separated from my family.  I wandered all around the woods checking the signs to see if I... (more »)
Band Made My Life
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Sweat ran down my face. My heart pounded in my chest. My breath came out in exhilarated pants as I grinned up at the cheering crowd in the stands. I had just finished my first performance in the final rounds of a marching band competition. I... (more »)
Reaching the Peak of my Mountain
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Being enrolled into elementary school marked the day that the first brick on my pathway would be cemented to the ground never to be removed again. This marked just the beginning of my thirteen years of paperwork to prove my work ethic and... (more »)
Successful Life
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Being 16 in today's world is a whole lot harder than it probably was 10 or so years ago because many teens struggle with academics or a social life. Life can be like a rainbow you can live a successful life with a pot of gold, a house,... (more »)
Living for the Spolight
By , Granbury, TX
The stage is my home. Under the warmth of the lights and fit tight underneath the layers of my costume, I feel true happiness. Although I am certain that acting is my calling now, it wouldn't have been without the guidance of my first... (more »)
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