March 30, 2009
By oneinamillion92 SILVER, Tomball, Texas
oneinamillion92 SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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"One day I will look back and wonder if I was rain added to someone elses thunder."- Danielle Phillips(a line from my favrite poem i have written)

What would our country be like if we only had people from one background? It would be boring, we would all have the same basic thoughts and we would only be knowledgeable in limited areas. We simply need diversity for the country to run efficiently. Back in World War II men and women of all races and backgrounds put aside all of their differences and came together in battle.
From the past we can learn that people from different backgrounds actually shaped the country into what it is today. Just think about all of the countries with only one kind of people who are in financial distress or are lacking food and water resources. Is that coincidental? No, all of the countries with no diversity are struggling in this way.
We finally saw our errors and the United States ratified the Fourteenth Amendment granting all people born in the United States citizenship. In 1875 congress prohibited racial discrimination in public places but newly freed blacks were still denied equal rights, proving that even the government knew what needed to be done in order to help our nation. The people affected by the unequal rights negatively continue to speak out today knowing that what they did back then helped us to become what we are today. They all unanimously continue to say they just didn’t fit in and were taunted just for something as trivial as the color of their skin.
Little by little people begin to fight back and the government started to take notice to the things they were doing wrong and slowly find things “unconstitutional” and the times begin to grow better. The only reason things didn’t stay the same was because people saw that there needed to be a change; and not just blacks, but people off all races were coming together to correct the situation knowing the out come would be far better than the present.
We are now struggling because we are at war and are once again discriminating against certain people as if the past didn’t teach us enough about it. We think well look at the founding fathers and what they based the constitution on, “We the people” was mainly referring to free white men that owned land. But it was all they knew, look at where they came from, the whole reason they formed America was because England was forcing them to conform to a certain religion.
We now can see what we did was wrong and are now doing something about it because people knew that coming together would best benefit our country and it would set this country apart allowing us to become one out of many.

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can i use your essay for college?

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