Dear Blanca

March 25, 2009
By German Liz BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
German Liz BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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It all started that night, on the fancy wedding of her sister. She was wearing a beautiful white dress that made her blond hair look even more provocative. She was the princes of a child story. I wish, I could say I was the prince of that story, the handsome guy wearing the expensive suit and purple tie, but because of gods will, if there is one, I was serving the drinks for her table. Fair deal, right?
I played an important role on that wedding, if I wouldn’t have been there, her father would not have enjoyed of that 18 year old scotch for the entire night. It was the best event I have ever served at. About a thousand guests, who all belonged to the elite social class, dressed well and acting as if the world was not big enough for them. I stared at her the entire night. She was dancing, laughing, chatting and drinking in enormous quantities. I remember that after 3 a.m. and various drinks she started calling me by my name. “One more Benjamin please”, she said every time she finished her drink. I felt butterflies in my stomach, just like a child with a new toy, every time she talked to me. I know it sounds strange, but I fell for that precious woman. A waiter fell in love in a woman of the highest social class.
It was five in the morning, the first sun rays started to reflect on her white face. For that time, she had become an obsession for me. I started behaving strange, but everybody was so drunk they didn’t realize what was happening. With out really thinking I was dancing with her. The happiest moment and at the same time the saddest of my life. Her name was Blanca. I loved her, but I had to face reality. A waiter and a bourgeoisie could never be together. It is the social law.
It all ended when my boss came up to me and told me we were starting to clean up. It was over. I said good bye and wished her the best. We cleaned up and left. Two years later I have not heard from Blanca again. But I still love her and remember that magical night and laugh. I am nit that young waiter anymore. I run my own business and pretend to find Blanca and stare at her an entire night again.

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