Determined to Succeed

March 18, 2018
By msafsten BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
msafsten BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
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The summer before my senior year I decided that I was going to be the top goalie in the Fall for Varsity so I started training. I would go to the gym, run three miles and do stick workouts in the evenings to advance my skills. Over the summer I created workouts that gave me equal time workout inside, as well as outside, to be prepared for the intense heat during summer tryouts wearing the heavy protective gear.  I would also lift weights to strengthen different muscles to get me in better shape. After performing well at tryouts, I still found myself sitting the bench as backup goalie the first two games. Our team lost both games and the Coach put me at the start of the next game and gave me the opportunity to put all my intense summer training to the test. I was able to prove to her during the game that I had the knowledge and skillset to perform to the ability of the team and successfully defend our goal and ensure our win. The coach made me the starting goalie for the rest of the season and we continued to win the rest of our games. Through this experience, I learned that hard work and endurance help to achieve goals, even after initial setbacks. My daily and weekly goals helped me become stronger and very agile with my stick in the goal by the end of the summer. I researched the drills and workouts of the college and Olympic goalies. I learned that worthwhile goals take time to achieve. At the beginning of the summer, I was immediately frustrated with how winded and tired I was after running and doing the drills. After weeks of training, I finally saw the results I needed in order to demonstrate that I should be the starting goalie. I was named the top goalie in the county and at the end of the season I was named as goalie of the County All Star Team. I am different today because I recognize that although I love to play field hockey and help my team win, I am very grateful for the knowledge and confidence I have in my ability to set and achieve my goals in life.

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