Emasculation 101

December 5, 2017
By MarkAnthonyRuiz-Martir BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
MarkAnthonyRuiz-Martir BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Today, it seems that both genders have gained common ground. Women have been given as much rights as men or maybe even more. However, women were not always granted equal rights as men in the past. Further back in the 20th century women were expected to be a housewife nurturing and taking care of their children while their husband as out working to provide for the family. Nowadays, there is no longer gender roles and women can provide for themselves and be just as successful as men. On the flipside, due to feminism being a huge part of empowering women it is obvious that have felt less powerful as they were before. Feminism has liberated the women, but also has emasculated the men.

Men throughout history especially during the mid-1900’s have been losing power in society. Men used to be the providers being the head of the household but that’s no longer the case due to feminism. Feminism has always been brought to people’s attention throughout time. Feminism really made its wave in 1957, and in 1963 a book called “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Freidan hit the mainstream. Ms. Freidan spoke about how women were thought to live by feminine mystique. Which is to be the housewife, take care of children, and whatever dreams or goals they had were not be spoken of. Betty Freidan felt that women were hypnotized and after plenty of research she concluded that women should be able to independent and equal as men. “I interviewed at some depth 80 women at certain crucial points of their life high school and college girls evading the question of who they were,” (Freidan, 1963). This quote from the book showed Ms. Freidan’s evidence of women feeling that they’re not to speak on or to have any goals. This is good that Betty Freidan brought awareness to this matter and this is what started the feminist agenda. Now how does this relate to men being emasculated? Well, since women have been pushed to do well, which I have no problem with, men have brought down for being their natural masculine self. So, with Betty Freidan starting something impactful, she also started an agenda that will disempower men.

An example, representing men being emasculated is our own president Donald Trump, he is consistently targeted for being masculine. Feminists find ways to portray him as a sex offender, pervert, or rapist. Due to the fact, that he talks to women in such a way that is not putting them on a pedestal, because aren’t women supposed to be given the same respect as a man? Trump feels entitled to women and he is shamed for feeling entitled. There was one instance where Trump was shamed for calling Hillary Clinton in his Campaign a “Nasty Women,” but before that Hillary criticized Trump saying he is a “Basket of Deplorables” (YouTube, Morgan) yet she is empowered for saying this and Trump is said to have hatred towards women. That is the so called “equal rights” between men and women. Our own president is criticized for responding to an insult by another candidate, it is ridiculous just because she is female, he gets shamed. Men are constantly being put down while women are being brought up.

As expressed in my previous sentences women are given equal rights in this world we live, way more than the past. However, feminist keep pushing women rights which is good but, they are affected the way men feel. Feminism does it through there propaganda, saying men are all abusive, rapists, and shaming men for being masculine. While at the same time giving more rights to the female gender. That is completely wrong! If anything, humanity should be empowered to become successful in our lives rather than just women. Neither gender should be more empowered than the other but this is what Feminism in today’s world says is “Equal Rights”.

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