A Step to Success

December 13, 2017
By KByer BRONZE, Osage, Minnesota
KByer BRONZE, Osage, Minnesota
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Art. Art speaks where words are unable to explain. There are multiple forms of art. People do it to express their feelings. Some can look at the same painting but have different feelings about it. I stare at this painting that is right in front of my eyes. The painting is named “Mystical Forest” and is done by Gleb Goloubetski.

In this painting, I can see the beauty of the forest and all the trees surrounding a random path leading into a unknown area. Tall brown crooked trees with a variety of green colored leaves shadow the steps with touches of blue and orange . To the left and right of the stairs  a line of bushes along the path blocks people from entering. Towards the end of the stairs the sky is more of a white and grey color giving it a look of fog. The sun is trying to peek through the tall trees as the branches are sticking out restricting light to protrude through onto the path. The tree branches hang low as if it has rained. The light reflects off the water droplets like a mirror. small  cracks on each stepping stone show their age. The steps lead into an unknown part of the forest. As I look into this painting more, it makes me feel relaxed. I picture myself walking up the stairs onto a new day.  Leaves and branches crunch as I step onto the next step and the outdoor freshness is in the air.

This painting means to follow the right path and don't get lost in all the other things that surround you. You never know what is to come and that there is an end to each path. Someone could look at it that the light shining through is a sign of hope and of good things to come. It may look scary to a person too because you don't know where the path leads and the end is not visible. Other people may just look at it and think it's only a path in the woods and they will not see the true meaning.

This painting reminds me that I need to keep moving forward. Each step represents small goals I do every day. It shows me getting through each day despite the challenges and to keep climbing.  At the end of the path there is a new set of steps for the next day. As each day goes on I have to face more steps. The first step would be me getting up each day and starting the morning off. This is an important step to be prepared for the day with a good breakfast. The next two steps represent my day in school which is broken up between classes. The fourth step I find myself in the gym with my teammates trying to refocus my energy after a long day of classes. It's a good feeling to know that although I take the steps alone I have people there to help me push me closer to the top. Sometimes you need that extra boost of confidence and help by others. I finish the steps by coming back home and almost starting over. This is a time that I set aside for myself to reflect on my accomplishments of the day and prepare for the next set of steps to come. I settle down by brushing my teeth,putting my pajamas on and laying in my bed to fall asleep at a decent time. The next day comes and there is a new set of stairs for me to climb. I realize that  some days will be a lot harder than others but it's whether I have to strength to push myself and not give. There may be days where I have to take a couple steps back to move forward but that's okay. Each day I learn something new and it makes me a better person.

The 2016 volleyball season is halfway through the season. My coach had pulled me aside and told me that I would no longer be the libero of the team. I had been replaced, I had so much sadness inside me thinking I wasn't good enough. I didn't want to go to practice anymore but I got through each one every day and kept pushing myself. I knew that I was replaced but I kept trying my best and working hard even though it felt impossible to. I continued to give my all in practice even though at times I didn't want to be there. I took each step little by little  to getting my position back. This year I was given the libero position again. All my hard work paid off from climbing each step and getting better each day in the gym.  It took awhile but I finally got what I wanted and where I wanted to be.

The picture represents a small amount of the big journey but the thing about a journey is all the little steps add up to big changes. Life is a journey.

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