A Little Girl's Dream

October 18, 2017
By ssomers2 BRONZE, Oceanside, New York
ssomers2 BRONZE, Oceanside, New York
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He told me to wait for him in the back of the courtroom, until he was finished trying his case. But I was only nine years old and got bored easily. I had my favorite American Girl doll with me, but I just couldn't sit there anymore. This was no place for me. So I wandered the shiny floors of the courthouse lobby, lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces, until finally ending up in the back of another courtroom not too far from the first. It looked the same as the first one. Smelled the same too. But what was happening inside was very different. And all at once I was anything but bored. I could not stop staring at him. And wondering why he was crying. His family was crying too. I could tell that he was trying to speak but his words were being suffocated by all of his emotion. He remained slumped over, in the arms of someone who was dressed just like my father always was - pressed white shirt, suit and tie. They held on to each other for quite some time. Then the man who was crying pulled away, wiped his eyes, and finally spoke. "Thank you,' he said to the man in the fancy blue suit. "Thank you for saving my life."

Although disobeying my father's instructions that day led to a temporary loss of television privileges later that night, my insolence remains the best decision I have ever made. As I watched the human drama unfold before my young eyes, only realizing the full extent of what had transpired after my father explained all of the details to me, I discovered what I would do with my future. "I want to save people's lives daddy," I said with great conviction. "Just like you and the man in the blue suit." He laughed. "That's a very nice thought honey. But you have lots of time. Things could change."

He thought I was just being a kid. Willful and impulsive. He was wrong. The scene in that courtroom that day became a window into my future. I knew instantly that I would be an attorney who helped protect the innocent from injustice. I would devote my life to the service of others. The only issue remained the years I'd have to wait before getting that opportunity. Again, I was only nine years old.

So I filled my days with other ways to assist those in need. Beginning that year, I spent every Thanksgiving at the local soup kitchen cooking and serving those who cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal. As a former Girl Scout, I continue to participate in clothing drives, where I provide clothing to those who do not have enough to wear. As a student, I have also had the opportunity to help ESL children learn how to read and write properly and I've spent many days volunteering at the local hospital where I help patients. And, of course, as I await the fulfillment of my ultimate goal, my participation in Law Club continues to remind me that this is the profession for me. I am exactly where I belong.

Embarking on this next chapter of my life is exciting, for I am finally bringing my nine year old vision to life. I have grown a lot since then, immersing myself in these countless opportunities to help others, while continuing to learn more about the field about which I am so passionate. And throughout all of it, my goal has remained steadfast. It is who I am. My undergraduate studies and post graduate work are the final steps I will take, each instrumental in shaping me as an attorney while helping me to finally attain my childhood dream -- the dream of finally being the one standing in a courtroom wearing the fancy suit while saving lives.

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on Oct. 22 2017 at 11:44 am
npepe1212 BRONZE, Baldwin, New York
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@ssomers2 what an amazing essay! This is beautiful! I am truly inspired by this brilliant piece of literature! I want to be a lawyer too. You've got talent. And I have no doubt that someday you'll be a lawyer! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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