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October 3, 2017
By unicorn38 BRONZE, Sacromento, California
unicorn38 BRONZE, Sacromento, California
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dream as if you'll live forever and live as if you'll die today. -james dean

 Who am i ? I am a person that love their family. Who loves to help out when it’s needed. About my family: my mom and my dad are both from mexico. my 3 sisters were born in the here in the U.S.A. And so was my brother. In a big family with my uncle and other family members living with me. There is always something to do it’s never boring but it does get annoying. But over all it is pretty fun and amazing to live in a big family and have all the people to support me.

I’m unique because I do things that most people don’t want to do. If you tell me to go right i will go left I’m different. I’m unique because i make myself unique i don’t need anyone else to tell me if i am not unique  because i believe i don’t let anyone bring me down i love to stay positive. Any chance i get to help i will take it don’t follow i do my own thing.i love to make everything better and create new things or turn things.


I really love sports like soccer i played soccer for 3 years and i know a lot about it. I played for john still middle school it was a really good thing to learn in soccer i play striker and that is in the front. I also played softball , flag football but soccer is still my favorite. I hope to play for the titans this year and hopefully make something out of it in the future. Iam a really big sports fan and make a holl day of it and it’s awesome and big. And the team i would like to play for is america.And sports really keep me fit and active for my other sports.


I really like music i can never have stayed alive if the world had no music in fact i am leasing to music as i write at home. Music helps me focus it helps me calm down and keep breathing. When i need to lift my friends up when their sad music has a big part in helping them feel better.it’s more about what the song means then the beat.i really love to create music more then leasing to it it shows me that we are all the same but different at the same time.

In the future, I would hope to save life’s and help people be there selfs at all times and do what is right for themselfs and there familys to.I wish to be in a good plays in life where i can support myself and anyone else i have in my future.and maybe go to space or travil the world and discover new life or meet new people in the future. And I hope all the people i care about are there to see it to happen in the future if i even have one.


In conclusion, I have a lot of dreams and plans for my future.        


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