Fresh Mango Warning

July 13, 2017
By ashley_feck BRONZE, McAlester, Oklahoma
ashley_feck BRONZE, McAlester, Oklahoma
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General Goal: To inform
Specific Goal: To inform my audience about the possible reaction to mangoes.
Primary Argument Appeal Type: (PERSUASIVE ONLY!)

Attention getter: Who here has had a food allergy?
Listener relevance: Not many people know mangoes are in the same botanical family as poison ivy.
Speaker credibility:
Thesis statement with main point preview: This skin of the mango should be avoided if you are allergic to poison ivy. As I discovered the hard way. I had a reaction to mangoes. I ate mangoes before but never fresh. I learned mangoes belong to the same botanical family as poison ivy. The skin of the mango has the same oil called Urushiol found in the sap of mangoes and poison ivy. 

I. First Main point:  Some of the symptoms you may experience as I did include.
II. Listener relevance: The audience needs to know what signs and symptoms of coming into contact with Urushiol oil found in the mangoes skin.

A. Rash and blisters in your mouth, on your hands and face.
B. Difficulty swallowing due to the rash in your mouth and trouble breathing.
C. In some rare cases anaphylactic shock
Transition to second main point: Through a quick Google search I found different ways to control and maintain my symptoms.

III. Second Main point: Some Natural homeopathic ways where.
Listener relevance: some of the audience may prefer natural ways to maintain their symptoms.
A. Honey can be directly applied on the rash or blisters to obtain relief from itching.
B. B. Oatmeal Paste the heat from the oatmeal will eventually cool, leaving the skin dry and relieved from itching.
C. C. Baking soda can be used to help with redness, itching and swelling when applied as a paste about 3 times a day.
Transition to third main point: Also there are other methods to treat your symptoms.

IV. Third Main point: Medical treatment or over the counter medication.
Listener relevance: Some people prefer to just use the easiest way to treat or don’t want to bother with natural remedies.
A. Benadryl
B. Calamine lotion
C. Dr’s visit for a steroid shot and prescription topical cream

Transition to Conclusion: symptoms last about 10 days. Because not many people know of this reaction I believe the FDA should have warning signs.

Conclusion. But if you still want to enjoy a mango and are allergic to poison ivy the skin should be avoided. As for me I’m sticking to frozen mangoes for now on. Thank you!


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