Importance of Reading

May 26, 2017
By Trisa BRONZE, Manama , Other
Trisa BRONZE, Manama , Other
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"A book is like a garden you hold in your hands." 'Reading' is not only opening a book and seeing what's written.It's through reading people aquire knowledge about places,people and new ideas.Reading is a journey starting from the opening page and ends as the last page is turned. It's important to read cause it gives us a peace of mind and relaxes our soul and also improves our thinking process.Sme people say,"I have loads of friends, O don't need book, books are for loners." Really? Okay, imagine your going for a vacation, not to your motherland but someplace else where none of your relatives are there. What will you do then? You can't take your friends with you, but you can take books.Friends may lie to you, books don't. Friends may betray you, books never do that. A friend's advice may not stay in your mind for long,but the things a book teaches you, stays for all eternity. "Books do not go where the path may lead,they go instead where there's no path, and leave a trail. There's a huge difference between a book and a movie.Let's take the book Harry Potter or Percy Jackson for example. In the movie imagination is ready-made and does not give you any time,but in books you can feel the tension when Harry and Voldemort are duelling, you can feel the happiness when Thalia's tree is restored to full health or when Percy gets his mother back from Hades. You can imagine for a much longer time.Usually, when I ask my friends,"Dude,have you read Divergent?" They're like,"Nah,but I saw the movie man,it was amazing. " If a movie is that amazing, A book would be a hundred times more. "Today you are a reader,Tomorrow you are a leader."

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