January 11, 2016
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BloomingRaine15 PLATINUM, Cebu, Other
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Darkness. Isolation. Gloom. Obscurity. Solitude. Desolation.

A man walked in the park, shifting his cane from side to side. A young girl trying to learn the Braille System. A married woman trying to see her firstborn. Because of their eyes.

Just think of the numerous things you have seen today. Trees, flowers, your family, Facebook, news, stars, and possibly even more. With these eyes, there isn’t anything that could be left unconquered. But, then again, the world can sometimes be cruel. Taking out someone’s sight, it pains me to even think of how they could live the life that we have.

What would you do when you can’t see your parents, siblings, or friends? Having to do everyday tasks would be harder than ever. You would have to learn how to cope and adjust. Each day would be a challenge that you would have to overcome. Being blind can cause extreme emotional damage, restrict your life in many ways, and could also prevent you from seeing all the tragedy in our world.

Every one of us has our judgmental side. We can’t say that we don’t have, because that would clearly be a lie. Most of us never fail to criticize someone because of their differences. Not passing the test, wearing clothes out of season, not knowing the latest trend, or even being the teacher’s “pet”. Just simple actions, many exaggerations. And what if there’s a blind man amidst the crowd, his cane shifting from side to side? Of course, the criticism begins. So, what could that blind man do? Nothing. A lot of us have trouble accepting the differences, especially when it comes to features.

Could you imagine not being able to drive or play your favorite sport? If you were blind you wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that other people take for granted, such as being able to see your mom or dad, being able to enjoy a beautiful painting, traveling around the world seeing anything and everything. We have always relied on our sense of sight. We have considered it the most important sense of all.

Society is sometimes harsh, but coping with it is a skill the disable must learn to live with. I can remember the day when we were blindfolded, a day I’ll always keep in mind. From then on many obstacles have been put in my way that I’ve had to cope with, some with great difficulty. Though some people are strong enough to overcome a disability like that, others have emotional trauma and will take a long time learning to cope.

Be grateful of who you are. Learn to appreciate the things around you. Learn to understand what others feel. Learn to become better. Learn to be good. Learn to live life to the fullest.

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