January 13, 2009
By Stephanie Goetz, Sussex, WI

Commitment. Commitment is a very hard word for most teenagers. Last year I took the challenge of assistant coaching a 5th grade girl’s basketball team. There was only problem with the head coach was he never coached or played the game in his life. So when I was asked to help out I was on board but at the same time I was thinking to myself oh boy here we go. This was a great challenge for me to experience.
My neighbor asked me to help out their daughter for her first year of basketball because the team was in dire need of help. I volunteered a fair amount of time to help this team. I gave them a fighting chance even though the odds were not on my side. These girls had no discipline, no understanding, and no patience. I stood at the sides lines day after day just observing until I received my chance at them. I showed them how to run drills, make lay-ups, dribble, and run while bouncing the ball. We did various exercises to increase there ball handling skills. The coaches divided the girls by position and did various skills with them in there groups. For example; posting up or quick little moves to the hoop.
Patience and commitment are two words that would describe my participation in coaching this team. I had a great amount of fun teaching these girls. Even though these girls did not win one game the whole season; I did not give up on them. I felt proud showing up and seeing their faces light up when I came in. I felt like I was important to them. They showed a fair amount of willingness to learn when us when it came down to it. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it 100 times over if I had the opportunity.

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