The Dump's Lesson

January 12, 2009
By Kirsten Prost, Nashotah, WI

Who knew a garbage dump could teach me about life? Olympia Ski Hill and Resort or as I have accurately dubbed it “Big Trash Mountain” was an old landfill Not much has changed Nothing could prepare me for what a dump could teach me.
It was the last race of what would be my three year stint as an alpine ski racer; however, I was mentally finished as soon as I heard Big Trash Mountain would host it. My body wasn’t done yet because I bombed down the first course like a rocket on fire. I was in first. Somehow my alpine talent had never taken me before. I smoked half the boys and the girls were still in shock. I got my act together and was ready to rock the second course. Again I was a rocket on fire, except this time my rocket crashed, literally. My ski hit a gate and I wiped out. Hard. I watched my dream burn as quickly as it materialized.
My parents have always told me cheesy lines like seize the day. I now realize corny as it sounds they’re right. I’ve got to put effort into everything I choose to spend my time doing or risk half-assing my life away, never accomplishing anything. Would I have won had I been prepared? Possibly. I’ll never know.

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