College Application Essay

January 23, 2009
Europe is a beautiful continent that includes many different countries and cultures. I was born in Romania, lived in Germany for two years, and visited Spain many times. After I moved to the United States, I spent all my vacation time traveling throughout Europe.
This passed summer my mother decided to support me financially for the last trip to Romania before I would graduate from high school. I decided to go right after school ended and come back some weeks after my senior year started. This decision had a big impact on my grades and school work I had to catch up with after I came back.
My first day of school was September 18, which meant that I missed two weeks already. All of my teachers gave me lots of assignments and in many classes I had to learn whole chapters by my self. I got lots of notes from my classmates, but I still felt overwhelmed when my planner was full of due dates. There was no space to place anything on my desk because all my binders, notebooks and books were waiting there for me.
That night I went into my room, turn on the radio, and decided to start working. My first thought was that I would never get done with all the assignments for two weeks and learn whole chapters for math. But as I started to read the notes my friends gave me, look through the books and do the assignments I was getting all the information that I missed. I was surprised when I saw the pile of work getting smaller, and I felt proud of my self.
By going through this experience I found one thing about my self that I did not know before. I realized that I enjoy to be challenged and that I work very well when I am under pressure. This was the time when I had to pay for all the fun that I had over the summer in Romania, and I felt good about it.

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