December 15, 2008
Some things can be as complicated as deciding the rest of your life after high school. Though some…not so much. And by that, I mean staring over a campus wall into the midst of Cairo from a high dive with a crowd gathered below on the deck singing Happy Birthday and preparing to belt you with water polo balls before you reach the water. But that’s life for you. Of course we all have our little problems, and high school is no different- we celebrate the good times, and laugh at ourselves when things get bad.

Problem was, I really was afraid things would turn out bad. My social life was skewed at best, relationships with my family were crumbling, and I ended up with a distinct lack of American culture in exchange for a 3rd world background during some of the most awkward situations of my life. My friends were doing some stupid stuff and getting addicted, romantic ties were sitcom parodies at best, and I had two years to get through it all and get down to what really matters.

Be nice if it didn’t slam down at me all at once though. You always hear about these life changing experiences as you grow up, but I guess I kind of missed the memo there. I got through things, learned what was necessary, and had the same worries as any other teenager. It was one hell of a weird and eye opening thing I was living through- no doubt. But did it really decide my life for me?

No. I didn’t change overnight, and neither did the way I lived. I figured afraid or no, things wouldn’t change for me just because times were tough. I do what I have to no different than anyone willing to make a ripple in their lives. We eat, we live, we get ahead in life one step at a time. But you know what? I’m going to get into college, walk up to the gates, and laugh at myself for not remembering what matters sooner.

And then I’ll be the one to jump, and make the best dive of all.

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