If I were an animal...

December 15, 2008
By Sandra Vilanova, Howell, NJ

If I had the ability to become an animal, I would be a salamander. A salamander is a reptile that describes all my strengths and attributes perfectly. Some of these strengthsinclude “regeneration”, flexibility, and intelligence. Though a salamander is not high on
the food chain, it, like me, has special talents that make it a very admirable animal.
One aspect of a salamander is its ability to regenerate any of its body parts. When
its tail is cut off, the tail is able to grow back in a matter of weeks. Though, as a human
being, I do not possess this skill, I can do something very similar. Throughout my life, I
have experienced periods of hardship and low self-esteem. There were times when I felt
that all hope was lost, especially when my goals seemed impossible. However, instead of
having a defeatist attitude, I stayed determined and focused. I tried to find the positives in
a grim situation and work my hardest. In the end, I grew stronger as an individual and
gained more confidence in myself. This is similar to a salamander’s ability to regenerate
because when I had a problem, which represents losing a tail, I was able to work through
it and resolve the issue. Flexibility is another one of my strengths that aids me in every
day life.
In my case, flexibility can extend to my ability to cope with any situation.
Salamanders are able to squeeze into tight spaces and stick to surfaces. Likewise, I do not
let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will work as hard as I can to reach a solution
and assimilate to my environment. My flexibility allows me to manage my time well and
be very organized. If needed, I can multi-task, which is important in the field I wish to
enter, biomedical engineering. Since I am flexible, I can come up with various ways to
accomplish one goal, making me very creative. The last aspect that I have in common
with a salamander is intelligence.
When most people think of salamanders, they do not automatically picture
intelligence. It is hidden and sheltered, being a secret weapon in necessary situations.
Similarly, I do not openly show my intelligence. My smarts are not something I brag
about constantly to others. Instead, I use them when needed in various kinds of situations.
I am able to use my smarts in order to avoid any problems. They can be comparable to
“street smarts”. I use my intelligence in order to help others, not only myself. My skills
are what make me special.
Most may be surprised by what I am capable of doing. Similar to a salamander, I
am not one to boast and make myself stand out. People notice me simply through my
talents and abilities. These qualities, such as “regeneration”, flexibility, and intelligence,
are what make me unique. I may not be as fierce as a lion. However, I can hold my own and stand my ground. I am not afraid of any kind of challenge. Like a salamander, I am
the undiscovered gem of the jungle…the jungle of college applicants.

The author's comments:
This is one of my college essays

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