College Essay

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

College Essay
When I graduate from high school, I do not plan to go to college, I am just going to start working. I know my friends dad Kyle is a roofer, and he said that when I turn eighteen and graduate I could go work for him, because he knows I am a hard worker and that I am always on time. And that he said I would get the benefits I need.

This would be a good idea because to find a job with good benefits is a hard thing to stumble on to. For a fact my friends’ dad said that I would get good medical insurance, and I am sure I would get dental insurance. The reason for good medical is because I am a diabetic. It would help me pay for supplies that I need, so I can manage myself well. That is the biggest reason that I need to have good benefits, and a good pay also.

Also, I would start out at a great starting rate of pay. I would start at twelve to thirteen dollars an hour, which is pretty good to start with. This would help me pay for an apartment to live in, maybe by the lake. I would be living with my friend, so I would not have to pay for it all alone. Then after a while, I would be getting an increase to like fifteen dollars an hour, which would be awesome if my friends’ dad could do that.

Then I would also know the manager, which is a good gain for me. Kyle is a cool dude because he is laid back, so he is not so rigid like some other bosses I have had. And I would not have a problem asking for help when I do not know what to do. It also seems like he would be flexible on hours, so I might be able to leave some days. Or if I need it, I could work overtime if someone else needed help.

In the long run, I assume this is a good job to start right after school. It is good I am cool with my friends’ dad, so it is going to be easier getting the job. And I am familiar with it provided the benefits like medical that I need, that’s why it is a superior job for me.

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