My Interest in College

December 3, 2008
By Iesha Scott, Danbury, CT

Ever since I was a little girl, my friends would talk about what they wanted to be when they grow up. They would always say stuff like becoming am actor or an actress. Some would say that they wanted to be a singer or a basketball or football player. I always said I wanted to go to collage. Whenever I went to North Carolina to visit my grandparents, they would take me to different collages to see football games and see the bands play.

Whenever we would walk around the campus I would see the sororities and fraternities perform in the yard and I told my grandmother that’s what I wanted to do. I think me watching them step in the courtyard had a lot to do with me joining the Danbury High School step team two years in a row. The whole college experience has always been interesting to me. I think it’s a good opportunity not only to learn about something you love everyday, but to experience life away from your parents and on your own.

I think that college helps build a better and more secure future. It gives students a chance see what it’s like to learn on a new level. College builds a better person. It gives your future some security and success. It opens the door to a lot of new experiences. Career choice is to be a counseling psychologist. I think it’s a good way to get inside people’s head and gain their trust. Knowing that someone trusts you is one of the best feelings in the world. I believe that going to college will help me do that.

Me personally, I think that college will help me learn to stand on my own and not depend on my family to shelter me because going to college is not just about education, it’s about life experiences. I also think that it will give me a better learning experience and a chance to expand my education. I know where I’m going in life and I really think that college will help me get there. I think that even after you graduate, college can open up doors in your career and take it to the next level. One thing I hope to gain from college is self-discipline. When you’re in college you don’t have anyone in your ear telling you to get up for class, you have to do it for yourself and be responsible for your own decisions.

So, in conclusion I think that going to college is the biggest step to making my dream come true. I think that it will shape me into the person that I am going to be. I know that it will give my future security. I hope that it will open many doors and introduce me to new experiences. I know that it will give me many opportunities that I never dreamed of and take me one step closer to my future and my goals. I have a lot of ambitions and I know that college will help me fulfill them.

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This article has 2 comments.

jojo said...
on Feb. 18 2009 at 1:35 am
I am so proud of you. This is a wonderfully written article filled with wise and useful advice! I hope this is just the first of many published articles!

ChnkyEyez said...
on Jan. 12 2009 at 1:55 pm
Wow this is a really great essay...This girl knows where shes going in life. Kudos Iesha S.


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