My Mother

July 20, 2014
By AmyLT BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
AmyLT BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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“Querer es poder” (If you really want to, you can achieve it), this is what my mom always says to me. My mother is the greatest inspiration I have in this universe. Thanks to God, I can see and hear her actions to assist me in anything I need. Other people might ask why I always say great things about this person who gave me life. Sometimes individuals do not realize how precious their mothers are and all the sacrifices they make for their children. Folks might think she is another way and I accept this because every person has their own opinions, but I have many reasons for saying Ana Maria is an amazing human being. She is an incredible mother because she helps me with decision-making concerning my education and family, and teaches me life lessons so I can have a better future.

To begin with, Ana Maria is an immense impact on my life because she does support me with my education. For instance, I can be killing myself working on a project for school all night long with dark circles forming around my tired eyes as I wish they could be closed and rested. Then suddenly, she appears in front of me, really tired from a hard day of work with swollen feet and blisters all over her hands and feet, and sleepy eyes asking me if I need help with anything. She asks me a million times with a worried and squeaky voice: “Honey, if you do not understand something you know I am here for you, to support you and to guide you with anything you need. Okay?” When I see her face and hear her comments, I sometimes feel my eyes become watery, like a cloud when it is about to rain. Ana Maria has also always looked out for me in high school. She stayed informed about my progress at school, and if she did not have sufficient money for school supplies, she would take money from her car savings to buy my supplies. She has been doing this at since I was five years old and I am very thankful for these actions.

Second, she is an enormous guidance in my life because she helps me with my family relationships. For example, the relationship my two little brothers have is like the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. Every single day of my life I can see them fighting for something! For instance, when I get back from school, tired, with my feet enflamed from walking all the way home from the bus station, with my head and brain feeling like they are going to explode at any time; I open the house door, and all I see are toys all over the floor. I smell the burned bread from the toaster, and the trash is not out. There is shouting throughout the house and the last thing I see is them fighting and screaming at one another for the play station: “Give me that! It is my turn to play!” “No, you have to give me that! You played all day long! It is not fair!” All I think is “Great moment for my head to blow up!” Then, I see my mom coming from work very exhausted. I approach her and say with an irritated tone in my voice, “Mom, I need help. These kids are out of control! They are so annoying!” she responds in a calm and sweet voice, “Darling, calm down. We will fix this right now as a family.” And so we do; she seats both of them on the disorganized brown sofa and tells them, “Share with each other. Give Alejandro the opportunity to play also, okay?” They say with puppy dog eyes, “Ok, mommy” and with a serious face she tells them to apologize to each other. They understand and obey. Most of the time, she and I cook together for the family. It is her way of teaching me how to cook. She is also very kind to my little brothers when they break something; but only if they did not have the intention to. My mother has taught me how to successful calm the kids down, to cook, and be kind to my family.

Furthermore, my mother is the highest motivation I have in this world because she teaches me life lessons. For example, she came to the United States with my little brothers, my disabled dad who lost his leg and vision, and me. She takes care of us even though she is just one person, and does the job of a mother and father at the same time. I know this because I watch her return from work (housekeeping) each day extremely exhausted. When I look at them it hurts me. Sometimes, I feel my heart aching and impotent because I cannot do anything to help with her obligations. When I am going to say something about it, she comes up to me with a worried face and puts her hand on my head and with a sweet voice and smile she says, “Mi hija (my daughter), you have to focus on your career and future. Everything in this life has a time. Do not worry about me. Parents are supposed to take care of their children.” When I hear this I feel an intense sensation of sadness which causes my eyes to instantly blur. I see how this wonderful woman has been doing all of this for us, her family. My family did not have a car in 2011. She had to go to work by foot for quite some time. Now she has a black and used, but comfortable, Toyota Camry because of her hard work. My mom does not know the English language very well, but with her charismatic personality she can communicate with everybody. Her actions teach me a daily lesson. Even though the path is hard, with love and faith I can make my dreams and goals come true.

Finally, Ana Maria Tejeda Martinez is the best encouragement I have on this planet because she supports me with my educational goals, helps my brothers to be better children, and even teaches me lessons that will stay with me forever to help me to have a prosperous future in my cheerful, eventful, and complicated little life. With these anecdotes, I have shown the reasons why my mother is a great person in my eyes, and I do not pay attention to what other people think, because these are the experiences I have lived with her. They are the evidence for why I say awesome things about her all the time. This quote says it all, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”-Abraham Lincoln

The author's comments:
My mother is the inspiration for me to write this piece. I hope people see how amazing mothers are by showing it throughout my own experience with my mother.

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