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'Naturally' Here

June 29, 2014
By Chaitali SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
Chaitali SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Why am I here? I wondered, as the mild soft sunlight peered into my brown skin. The question vanished into the blue clear sky as this place was much more fascinating than the question. But there was no question of being ‘somewhere else’ than this beautiful garden. Now the place where I am; is just a god’s gift! The serene view I was experiencing sitting on the lush green lawn was just beyond one’s imagination; silent breeze flowing through the vividly green shade leaves of the trees, shadowing beneath were tiny bushes colored other than green, some were mellow yellow and some colors left me thinking. Looking around gradually, I observed a beautiful lake very still within the woods. The water was calm and had many different hues of blue. A ‘pop’ sound made me look closely at the lake; it was a fish: jumping over and proving its existence amid the silence. The breeze and the soft sun rays made ripples on the water, glimmer. Approaching near the shore I saw crystal clear translucent shade of blue, but as the water got deeper, the color got richer. I noticed a white wooden bridge making its path over the beautiful lake. I noticed some beautiful and colorful birds sitting on the bridge. I looked up as I heard the crackling voice of the wooden bridge as few kids went pass running over also noticed few more people admiring the natural beauty. The vintage bridge was structured beautifully with little brown fences on both sides which mirrored a reflection over the lake. With only a few handful people around me I questioned myself why wouldn't anyone else be here? I wondered again. I've always marveled upon how profound the experience of nature knocks on our doors of true understanding of who we truly are. Usually people bind themselves in their own pragmatic way of life, unknowingly ignoring the surroundings. There are dozens of bustling masses of bodies queuing up, constantly shoving and pushing each other in a Super Sale event. Unlike them, I have always been fascinated towards nature engrossed in capturing the best moments of my limited journey of life in my camera which is my closest friend. I preserve and share all those fascinating instances of the Mother Nature. I try to collate my findings on my photo-blog, to make finite improvements in my life by sharing and accepting words of advice! “They say if you exchange a dollar with another you still have only a dollar with you; but if you exchange a thought each one has two!” While all this is so caressed I often wonder isn't it lesser fun to run behind fictitious unnatural attractions rather than towards the natural beauty? I am just astonished by the ignorance by the masses over the established and protected beauty of nature.

We've all heard that the nature is one of humanity’s greatest teachers- but we yet do not believe in this truly. Every tiny element of Mother Nature teaches you to improve a quality in life. Trees withstand all pressure but still stand strong, Mountains teach to be stable amidst the varying nature, fishes explain us to ‘keep moving’ and we learn from flowers to blossom no matter how hard the surrounding may be. I always learnt that a worn-out autumn is always followed by a blossoming spring. How can someone be elsewhere if one can learn so naturally? Nature is a place where you can walk over the damp grass and feel the true love from the nature, it’s a place where race, religion or caste doesn't matters to be loved and helped, it’s a place where you can just lie down in vain and truly rely.

I found my answer in the same place; I want to be with Mother Nature every day for not letting off an opportunity to learn from every single element of the nature. I come ‘here’ to appreciate what the nature truly gives me, food, shelter, air and water and not the least - “A peace of mind!” What I gain is what I should give back as I give back to the community where I live by volunteering, like in hospitals, I can give back to nature by visiting appreciating and help preserving, spreading awareness among those who don’t care for nature. Planting trees, preserving water... Because ‘here’ is where I come from and ‘here’ is where I will end.

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College Prompt: "Why are you here and not somewhere else?"

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