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June 23, 2014
By , Mansfield, MA
Every one of us is the sum of our choices, but our past doesn’t make us who we are, it’s what we choose to be now that defines us as a person. I made different choices that lead me to this very moment and I gained knowledge from each experience I encountered.

Growing up in the Philippines, a third-world country in Asia, I was always a shy quiet guy but I finally came out of my shell starting in high school. Every school year I explored different things in different fields like art, poetry, dancing, martial arts, etc. I did all those activities exceptionally. I’ve been president of the art club, co-captain of the judo varsity team for two years and won three inter-school poetry competitions.

Even though I was packed with activities, I still made time for my studies and social interactions. The Philippines’s educational system didn’t allow me to experience honors and AP classes in the most of my high school years but I still managed to obtain a decent GPA. I also made time for my friends, using our free time for enjoyable and productive fun.

Moving to the United States in the middle of my junior year of high school was very difficult for me and being the first born in my family, I’m expected to do well. Although moving was very overwhelming, the process allowed me to meet different people with different cultures and perspectives.

In my short years of high school, I learned that to be a great person, everything that you do in the present and the future must contribute to achieving what you want and for me, it is success. I think that your institution would be a great fit in helping me be the best person I could be.

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Chaitali said...
Jun. 25, 2014 at 4:07 pm
Make your point (settling in America) quite early or give a hint about it in the introduction/first body! *advice, don't have to agree*
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