The Taken Path

November 24, 2008
By Thomas Mayhew, Brookfield, WI

As straight as my steps may seem; this life is a maze. It revolves around a series of influence, choices, direction, instinct and perspective. Before you’re 18, you don’t realize the decisions you make; every step you take, defines the very path your life will lead. These stages of life have been guided and protected.Often times these choices have lead me down a path that requires the same path to depart from, and retracing my steps proved inevitable. Sometimes these paths are walked for you, but not me. In making the wrong decisions, being deceived and fooled, you have to find your way back out; making the departure more difficult than the adventure perceived. When this path presents itself as a delta, canalling off with incredible alternatives, all doors are open and you will know someone intended this path for you and you alone. That is when the call you heard was the call you answered. For it is the right way, green lights and nothing can set you back at this point but yourself. The choices you make here on out last for a lifetime.

Believe it or not this path begins by leaving the comfort of the womb, and it is the significance of this moment that protects the path of this individual, knowing there is so much to lose when a new path begins. Throughout my life, many of these alternate routes have been crying for my attention. Many have been expelled from my presence and some were bright when in truth their darkness consumed me. I can honestly say I retraced these steps numerous times, finding myself trapped in the jaws of deceit, cruelty, vane and suffering; But 10 times out of 10, the light I found. I pried myself from the grasp of the insufferable, and came home to the place where my true intentions lie. Possibilities alone on those journeys are zero to none. Because of the people God placed in my life, I was able to defeat the odds, and come back with confidence, wisdom, strength, and courage. Without these trials, my life would not be a success, and the paths that are presented in my daily life would have the advantage on me, and my vulnerability could not come to terms with who I am.

The path that embraces me with grace and open arms is the heart of my existence here today. Because of the treacherous, winding path that shielded my eyes from light, seeing nothing but shadow, this path I now walk with faith envisions an unstoppable potential that calls my name and mine alone. I can see the wind blowing the tall strands of creation along an open field, touching mystery and solution on a mind-blowing level. This is what I see, this is where I have been, this is what I have become, and like me… you will see the destination when you have arrived.

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