Pet Peeve

October 21, 2008
By Slater Wolf, Culver, IN

A pet peeve is “something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.”( For example, someone’s pet peeve could be their neighbor’s cat running through their backyard.

When, first coming to Culver as one of the “new cadets” of the school, I was told I had to keep the line of my shirt, edge of my belt, and zipper of my pants all in one continuous line down my body. Having minor obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) about cleanliness and order, I enjoyed having that rule. What I didn’t know, was that soon a simple military rule at school, would become one of the biggest pet peeve’s I have.

One time while I was visiting my mom in California, I went to a meeting with her; and the presenter wasn’t fallowing the dress line of his clothing. He could have been presenting about how I could earn a million dollars from my couch, or even that he found ancient facts that the world was going to end next year. The only thing my mind and eye’s were on was the misalignment of his shirt, belt, and pants. It almost became an itch under my skin, I couldn’t stomach to see the sloppiness of his clothing, but at the same time I couldn’t peel my eyes away…I was stuck. I just don’t see how someone cannot place the lines of their shirt, belt and pants together. It looks proper, cleaner, and even more professional; you don’t look as if your blind mom had to dress you that morning.

As with every rule, this one has exceptions. If you are not wearing a button down shirt then you don’t have a line to put in place, just align the belt and pants. And same goes the other way if you’re wearing some pants that might not have a zipper line. Also, some belts don’t have edges or straight lines to them. These belts NEED to be centered on the zipper line, when centered; the shirt line should follow through and align with the zipper.

I don’t care if your shirt, shorts, sock, or even your shoes don’t match. I don’t care about accessories, color, or style. JUST ALIGN YOUR SHIRT, BELT, AND ZIPPER FLAP! You’ll look like you have control over yourself, a sense of cleanliness, and professionalism. Something so simple has so many benefits if done properly.

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