October 21, 2008
By Slater Wolf, Culver, IN

It hurt knowing that my worst dream had come true, that my family wasn’t perfect. It was a few years ago, my dad sat me down with my little sister and told us that he was going to file for divorce. My mom at the time was in California recovering from another episode of alcoholism, and we hadn’t seen her for about a year. But surprisingly, I was relieved to hear that my parents had finally made the decision. Though I love both of them very much, my parents didn’t have the best relationship, and life at home with the two of them wasn’t something kids should have to go through. I was about to start boarding school and my parents were getting divorced, I was going to have split holidays, obligated visits with my mom, and less time at home. Being at boarding school helped get me away from all the drama and tension of the whole matter, but I often got lonely and home sick. With trying not to let my feelings get to me and having school to worry about, I had too much on my plate. But, with the help of my friends at school, at home, and my siblings, I’ve been able to come out of this a grown, more mature person. Nothing has challenged me more in my life then having to deal with my parents divorce, but I feel that it not only fixed a problem at home, but showed me a part of life that in-fact helped me grow and become more prepared for the real world. Divorce is unfortunate, but it happens to the best of us and we just have to learn how to move on and live with it. I’ve learned from the divorce that no one is ever perfect, I can’t expect the impossible from people, and I need to learn how to live with the way the world is thrown at me. I am a senior now in a Military boarding school, miles away from any family and I think that I’m living the life. I might have had some twists and turns in my life, but the best thing for me to do is just keep on rolling. Life might not turn out how we expect, but we need to make the best of what we have and live every moment to its fullest.

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