College essay

December 18, 2013
By Anonymous

I’m at Geauga Lake, an amusement park in my home state—Ohio. My dad and I are waiting in line to go on this roller coaster. It was called The Raging Wolf Bobs. The further up the line we got to the ride, the more my stomach would drop. Finally, in the seat getting ready to go and as the carts slowly move upwards, towards the upcoming hill...I panic.

We slowly go up the hill and I just think to myself…”Oh my god!”. The big hill is what I don't like about roller coasters. I can hear the cracks between the rails and the track.

“”. We get to the top and then I look in front of me and instantly my stomach drops as we go speeding down the hill. I close my eyes and scream at the top of my lungs.

We get past the hill coming up to a big loop...Swoosh! Around and around we go, up and down. Going so fast, I don't have much time to catch my breath. I look over at my dad, who is smiling and having the time of his life...I scream “Get me off of this thing”. He sits there and laughs at me as if I told him a joke. I yell back at him…” Dad! I’m not playing around I want to get off this thing”. He says back, “You will be fine the ride is almost over”.

Coming up to another hill, the ride is almost over. I couldn’t wait to get off, the feeling of alleviation goes through my mind, thinking to myself “It’s finally coming to an end”. The rails slowly come to a stop and I wait for the lever to be lifted up off my legs. I get out and I wipe my forehead in a sense of relief to be off the ride. My dad looks over at me and says sarcastically, “ Did you enjoy the ride?”, I look at him and roll my eyes as if I told him to shut up. He knew I was scared and he was going to torment me for the rest of the day for it. I did not care one bit, I thought to myself. “At least I made it through without puking”.

The author's comments:
Its something that only I would be able to write

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