College Essay

December 18, 2013
“Jack swishes a three pointer to win the game!” says the announcer. The fans rush the court in a mob, put me on their shoulders, and carry me out of the gym in celebration. The mob sets me down in front of multiple college basketball coaches, one of which is Bill Self from the University of Kansas. Coach Self shakes my hand and offers me a scholarship to play ball for the Jayhawks! Am I dreaming?

Beep, beep, beep! At 5:30 A.M my alarm wails like a police car siren. Wanting to stay in bed, I know there is some other kid out there that is getting better and might get that scholarship over me, I get up with urgency. Then, wake my dad up so he can rebound and push me hard when exhaustion sets into my body.

I fight through pain just to have a chance at success. My knees hurt, as if a knife was stabbing into the front of them every time I bent down. But I tufted up and thought about that other kid that could get that scholarship. Yes, there were days where I got two hours of sleep the night before, and thought there is no chance I am getting up this morning. So, to keep myself disciplined, I wrote down my goals on a note pad beside my bed, and what my plan was to achieve that goal.

Eventually, my knee pain got to a point where my knees were hurting all the time, like a needle stuck in front of my knee constantly which forced me to finally make an appointment with the doctor. After undergoing tests, the doctor said, “both knees had partially torn patella tendon,” which required surgery. I asked the doctor, “How did this injury happen?”

He said, “The way you get it is from overuse, and wear and tear”. Over training on my craft until my two patellas tore. I`ve shown it before and will show it again by bringing my work ethic to your school and apply it to not only my athletics, but also my academics and extracurricular activities. I will do whatever it takes to be successful and have learned only through hard work is there reward and achievement no matter how difficult the road can be reaching your goals.

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