Powder Puff

December 11, 2013
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My school stopped sponsoring the annual Powder-Puff game four years ago and now prohibits it from happening on the grounds. But that didn’t stop me. This was tradition.
The senior and I girls took control. We hosted practice, made rules, and picked a location.

My job was to make the Facebook group, schedule our practices, and design our shirts. But I was most stressed about making the shirts. What color do I pick? How many do I order? How should the design look? What if kids don’t pay?

I solicited quotes, met with local print shops, and gathered feedback from my peers. My design had a football with “Powder-Puff 2013” on the front and “SENIORS” on the back with a “14” to represent our graduating class. The girls loved it. I posted color options to the Facebook page – and tie dye won the vote.

My final task was to the collect money. I gave everyone a week deadline. Nervousness crept in as the money didn’t. Then, on the last day, 90% of the money was received. Finally, I could relax.

This experience was not life-changing, but it required leadership. I was the one who stepped up and took control. And handling a job like this made me realize how much work companies have to do for a single event. My peers were ecstatic about the game and shirts, and I felt proud after succeeding.

In preparing to major in business and marketing, planning Powder-Puff was a way to put my skills to the test. Forty-three girls participated and 41 bought shirts. Experiences like these bring about growth, and I hope to have a lot more like them as a Hoosier.

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