College essay

December 11, 2013
When my neighbors (Mr. & Mrs. Miller) Moved a few years ago, I said I could help—no questions asked. But I didn’t know what it meant to help someone move, because I had never moved before.
When it came to move day, I noticed that Mr. Miller was moving at a casual pace. I was moving like a automated robot putting this box on that box.

“These pillows can go in the back seat of the truck to save space in the trailer,” I said to Mr. Miller, “We could also use those blankets to protect your pictures and mirrors.”

Packing is more than just throwing stuff in boxes. You have to plan what goes in each box. The objective is to get as much as possible into each box but keep it flat so someone can stack three to four onto each other—like a game of Tetris. When the trailer was full, we filled up the backseat and bed of his truck to save on trips.

Moving can take either days or weeks—depending on how quickly work gets done. I chose to work hard, so everything but furniture was moved in three days.

I’m a hard worker when it comes to tasks. No matter how difficult the assignment, I’ll get it done.

College is like moving. Graduation represents finishing the move, and the number of years in college symbolizes each box that gets used. Plus my classes, those are the keepsakes and pictures that go in each box.

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