The Devil in the Details

September 28, 2013
Recently we’ve been looking at 2 videos talking about carbon. One says carbon is good for us and that without it we would die and the other one says that carbon has to be reduced in a serious way.

In the carbon footprints video she says that we are stupid because we think we have to start changing the way we think saying that carbon is the worst that could’ve happened in our world. She explains that years ago we had more carbon than now, well she is telling a true fact that is that we had more carbon, because now we don’t burn so much things as we did years ago, an luckily we have change also our point of view and started to recognize that carbon isn’t good for us. She says we’ve made a nonsense act, we’ve made carbon disappear.

In the other video of Cap and Trade it explains the contrary idea from the carbon footprints video. It says that in America carbon is over loading. Things have gone further than it’s supposed to be, because they have been using a lot of carbon in everything and it should be controlled. So they created a plan, a way to reduce this waste, by also making profit from it. Cap and Trade makes a bit more sense, well I only agree with the Cap part that means reducing carbon by a certain percent, but the Trade part is the part which I don’t agree much with, it explains that when they reduce the carbon they give some permits a year of the amount of pollutance that each one should make, each year it would be reduce, some companies create another way of building clean alternatives to maintain their work constant and give their permits to other companies that really need them so here they start gaining money, but the carbon pollutance isn’t changing. So it’s not as effective as it seems.

In conclusion we should always be in the middle, not expanding our carbon waste, but never stop producing it.

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