Scholarship essay

August 20, 2013
“Are you awake? Jillian, Jillian wake up.” I slip back into consciousness with the shaking hands of a child on my shoulders. As my eyes adjust, her tears sparkle in the flash of light peaking into my tent. Without hesitation my arms are guiding the sweet girl toward the restroom where we can talk without disturbing the others.

I may be a child myself, but at camp I am the closest thing to a parent that she has. Every week of the summer parents leave their children with me to have the time of their life. In return, I get paid in the smiles and sunshine that head my way. I couldn't imagine having a boring regular job. Yes, I need money like any other teen heading into college, but who else would be that child's caretaker on those warm, sticky nights. The love in those children's eyes when they finally learn to sail or feel welcome is what keeps me coming back; even when my parents doubt my financial ability to get through college. This scholarship could help bridge the gap between expenses and my passion to help children. Somehow it will all fall together, because I'm not going to let my youth slip away. I am going to have kids looking up to me and remembering our week together for the rest of their lives.

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