Man vs. Nature

May 30, 2013
By extremelypoetic SILVER, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
extremelypoetic SILVER, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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There’s a question stating “nature can live without man but can man live without nature”? Recalling everything that I’ve learned in biology, science, botany, and environmental science I ‘m going to tell you what nature means, my evolution theory of the quote, and if I agree or disagree with it and why or why not. Let’s begin with nature verse man.
First, what is nature and how do I define it. Nature has many definitions but can best be defined as abiotic and biotic factors that are natural meaning they come from the earth and are not manmade nor man formed. A few components of nature is; rain, sleet, snow, hail, water, grass, tree’s, animals, plants, herbs & spices, temperature, climate, flower and etc. So is it man who need nature or nature that need man?
My evolution theory is “Man needs nature to survive and nature doesn’t need man to survive”. Some facts that man needs nature is man needs oxygen in order to live well if there was no nature there would be no trees or plants and that’s what man gets it’s oxygen from so without nature man would die. Man also uses nature tree’s to build homes and there animals to make clothes and food. So there it is man needs nature. But does nature need man my theory conclusion came out that nature could survive without man. For example: without man it would still rain, grass would still grow, animals would eat the grass, then poop and then it would rain and fertilize the grass making it grow more so the process would work without man. Therefore stating nature doesn’t need man
Do I agree or disagree with the quote or question. Yes I strongly agree that in order for man to live they need nature. I believe that because in my research when examining my theory nothing change each piece of evidence gave more and more reason as to why man need nature. I also strongly agree that nature doesn’t need man also due to my examining of my theory which also nothing change but gave more and more evidence to why nature doesn’t need man. So yes I do agree with the quote/question.
Last, man needs nature and nature needs no one so why take nature for granted because without nature man would fail to exist. Nature should be one of man’s main concern because if something every happen to nature that would be the downfall of man. Appreciate nature because it helps you, you don’t help it. That concludes my thoughts on man verses nature.

The author's comments:
My botany teacher loves qoutes so she had us to write a 2 page eassay on my beliefs on the meanings of the qoute "Can man live without nature and can nature live without man".

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