May 23, 2013
My most treasured memories are the ones I keep to myself. But for the sake of this, I will share. My greatest memory is the memory of my first day at Disney World. I was seven and I never thought I would experience anything like this! I saw Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. I was scared at first, but then I realized that they weren't so bad. But the best thing was when I rode the Dumbo Flying Circus with my dad. We usually didn't do much, but that day my dad was all mine.

I believe memories are important because without them, we wouldn't be able to remember our greatest achievements and the best times you spent with your family. Growing old with your spouse and thinking back to the past is an amazing experience.

People need to experience pain. With pain comes acknowledgment on life itself. This is an example of what we all need in life. There comes a time when love is in your life, and you remember those memories. Pain should be included in those memories, physical or mental.

Humans can cope with painful memories by remembering those happy and joyful memories instead. These can help people understand that pain instead always bad, its just life.

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