May 20, 2013
By jasonperley BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
jasonperley BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
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College Essay C

In my life I have done and continue to do many activities that will help me in my future life affairs. Having a great academic background such as Liberty Christian will allow me to use the crucial information and tactics to get my work done in the future job I hope to attain in my life. My extracurricular activities such as hunting, has taught me the patience I need and will need to work to my full potential on projects and have the dedication to work hard for the position in my profession.

In my life I hope to become a successful entrepreneur with the academic knowledge I have and will attain in my future studies at college. Along with my academic knowledge the knowledge I have received from my extra curricular activities and just spending time learning with my father, to use in my efforts to become successful. My father has become a successful businessman although he did not attend college, showing the dedication he had to become successful. Although success is not only showed by the status of your job or the amount of your income, it is also showed by the happiness and joy you bring to yourself and others. Anyone with the right work ethic can achieve a large salary and have a big house, but without God and someone to share it with it is almost not worth it. Success, I believe, is measured by the happiness you have and the love you have for your profession.

My life goals so far are to become successful in whatever profession I decide to pursue and successful in my family life centered on God. The only way to contain this is by trusting in God in what He has in store for me.

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