Independence or Security

September 10, 2008
What’s More Important Independence or Security? Now that Is The Question!
In the day and age we live in now, independence and security is a very popular subject. Independence is not just a meaning but a fad. Independence can be defined as many things, a single mother or father. Or could it be that child caring for itself. Sometimes it can be that all American career oriented woman, who is trying to do everything for her and only her. There are many things that I can ramble on about but I will not do so. Independence is revolutionary thing independence is something that our forefathers have fought for, what I and everyone else has fought for. So why is it so easily being given away to others. When I say that I mean independence is our homes, our families, our careers and so on. Independence is something that gives us who we are; personality, charisma and etc… But then you have security which in my opinion means dependent, something to rely on, and something that holds you back. For example security may be a college freshman straight out of high school that wants to go out of state to college but to afraid to. So he/or she decides to stay and go to a local college to be close to home for comfort and SECURITY. Now is that a harmful decision or a decision for the better you may find that you will get different responses for that question. Now do not beat me down for my opinion because it is just that an opinion. But you really have to take a closer look at it. Is security something you really want to count on in your life? Now security is not a total bad thing but it’s not completely good either. Security can also mean to protect from harm or to think what is right for one self or others if I may say so. It sometimes allows you to make a decision that may be beneficial for that time then and there. It can also help you make wiser steps and help you to choose cautious paths. But do you always want to be cautious and miss out what life has for you. That is what I mean; security can sometimes weigh you down rather than build you up. In all it all depends on the person and how they choose to handle certain things. I myself choose independence over security, because in reality I can provide my own security with independence. Without being dependent on anything or anyone or missing out what life may offer along the road. That way I am the inferior one over myself and not security.

So do you choose independence which sometimes may causes chances and luck, or do you choose security which prevents you from life? Now that is the question.

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