In My Own World

April 17, 2013
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In My Own World

I live in Room Art 3. It’s a world where ideas are developed, relationships are built, and conflicts arise. There is no other place that I feel more comfortable than in the black, leather chair positioned authoritatively in the front of the classroom. This is the place where my approval, above others, is requested and welcome. Of course, this is not to say that I am some fearless dictator; by my side are my trusted partner, my supportive mentor, and 30 other staff members.

The world of Yearbook Production is not an easy one to be a part of. The deadlines, disagreements, and clients sometimes cause more stress than I can handle, and the responsibility of creating such a unique product is a challenge. But since my sophomore year I have learned that my position as Editor in Chief involves much more than just editing people’s designs and filtering out mistakes. Walking around the halls of Monte Vista (often with camera in hand), I’m just one student among thousands. But the second I step into the room of Art 3, I know I stand out.

For instance, on the unfortunate occasion that I face a foreign substitute in place of Mrs. Govnik, our resident leader, I have to step in and assume her role as law enforcer. But with my petite frame and gentle demeanor I am rarely thought of as intimidating. As I peruse through the classroom of staffers, I must stand up tall as I hand out verbal reminders to stay on track or even warnings to those who try to escape Art 3’s borders without permission. At the same time, in order to keep my world safe, I must extinguish the fires that break out between people. A small spark between two in just one division of the room can become a raging inferno, burning everyone in its path if it isn’t terminated quickly enough.

In addition, the citizens of my world sometimes become scarred from such burns; thus, my job is also to alleviate the worries and concerns that distress my staff members. Some find consoling and advising tedious, but I’ve come to love helping my co-workers through matters ranging from unexpected bad grades, unkind words, broken hearts, and every other teenage problem in between.

Leader, problem solver, helper, and confidante. Through my experience as Editor in Chief, I realized how much I enjoy fulfilling these duties, both in and out of the classroom. But I know that soon I will be leaving this world and joining a new one; packed with classes in lecture halls, dorms, and throngs of new people. And I know that in this new world I will learn to bring out those skills yet again, and even more.

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