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From the moment I was literally immersed into the Catholic faith, I have been growing closer to my community, family, and myself. Although my baptism was a decision I was unable to make for myself, I did choose to confirm my dedication to the Catholic Church as an adolescent. Aside from selecting my daily ensembles, my confirmation was my first big commitment; a decision that was mine soley, and completely.

Since I was three years old, I had been attending Christian school. Day in and day out, I spent eight painfully long years through elementary and intermediate school, with the girls and boys of my parish. By the time I had reached the spring of my confirmation, I viewed these people as my family. It was a silent recognition between all of us that we were going to go through this experience together, just as we had spent our entire lives. I can honestly say that this is the biggest sense of community I had felt in my whole life, which actually factored greatly into my decision making process.

I never realized how much planning and consideration goes into confirmation. I spent well over a year taking religious education classes, and then there was also a required retreat for me to go on. All in all though, I know it made me a better person. I am proud of the steps I’ve taken to becoming more mature and responsible in my life choices.

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